I really want to create friendships, I'm a teenager. I should have close friends, people to go out with, or talk about our problems. I'm always alone. It's sucks. 😕😕😕💕
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Want to know the quickest way to make friends...? Sex.

Heya .. I'm 21 and im from Birmingham UK .. depending on where ur from I'd chill with yah .. either way if ud like to be friends online or anything to rant or ask advice or just be silly lol I'll be there .. add me on Facebook if ud like .. katrina T cheeseman. . Watever happens keep your chin up and never be afraid to be who u are.. ur beautiful no matter what !! .. xx

Enlist into the military and you'll have friends for life!

You need to meet people somehow.
I would suggest you join a club or society for some activity you are good at, and then you will meet people naturally and have something in common