I Need Help With My Problems.

At this time the only people I visit are my parents, my grandmother, and people I see at a philosophy club every week.   I can't confide in any of them.  I have a lot of problems: I have no job, my apt is a pig sty, I suffer from depression, I don't accomplish anything.  

I go five or six days a week never encountering another human being (except when I go shopping).  I go days without bothering to shower.

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4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I think I know how you feel. Its a bugger of a trap to be in; being depressed is real. My heart goes out to you and to let you know there are other people feeling the same way (if it helps to know you are not alone in this, so it is just being human in a world that can be so inhuman) xx

i did the same **** when i was unemployed. i also experienced the - i cant do anything, i dont do anything, im hopeless, i need help- bit, and it sucks, as you very well know. i dont know if its the same for you, but ive dealt with depression or some manifestation of it my whole life, and as such, ive always secretly known that things will get better. they always do, and they always will. the "in between" is the rough part. <br />
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so if your having one of those days, where you dont even feel like cleaning your *** (been there!), shake yourself up and do it anyway. if you want a reason why, look to Camus. in the face of the absurd, meaninglessness of life, he argued that we must live and thus rebel against death and all its tidings. life is affirmed in the battle against death. you must live, and live fully and authentically, because anything else is cowardice. want more? look to Sartre and his discussion of the precipice. as we walk along cliffsides, the only thing keeping us from throwing ourselves over is our desire to live. but what is that desire if only partially met? a waste of energy. you must live authentically, fully. stand up. meet the day.

And here I thought I was all alone I don't do most of the same things that you don't do. I do have a few people that I classify as friend's but nun of them are TRUE friends that I could confide in. Most of the time I don't take a shower because I don't feel that I will be close enough to someone to really make any difference I mean it's not like my skin is dingy.

i'm all ears,feel free to talk to me if you'd like to,im a very good listener!