Alone Since Junior High

Once I was old enough to understand how judging people are (by 5th grade..), I have been extremely shy.  The only friends I have had were people I knew before that pivotal point.  As the years went on, the friendship (yea there was only ever 1 friend to begin with) waned and by the end of high school I spent every waking moment alone or with my family.  Went to college thinking if I got away from people who knew me as the girl who never talked that I might finally break out of the mould...didn't I spent another 4 years alone, watching movies by myself all I have travelled halfway across the world for yet another 4 years of school and have found myself in the same boat.  It's a professional course so I'm with the same 120 people all day everyday and I failed to find my clique in those vital first few minutes of orientation, so I feel I'm doomed to spend the next 3 years in even more isolation considering I'm a 17 hour time difference from my family who I can only talk to once a week...I am so incapable of being myself around others that I don't know what to do and feel if I can't make friends in will I ever have any friends once I get out into the workplace where I will probably only be working along at most 15 other people?!

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a friend in need is a friend indeed

same problem here<br />
let's be friends :]