I Need a Friend

I have epilepsy and am afraid to go out, besides work i dont leave the house. I have become so lonely lately that i cant stand it

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3 Responses Mar 21, 2009

ever wanna talk give me a message my grandad has epilepsy so i understand well kinda.

that's nonsense, you have to try and leave your apartment. You have to fight your fears. Your apartment is surely depressing you. Electronic friends will only make you unhappy and sad. Just go out there and try to live. A lot of epeleptics have done great things and lived fulll lives. Why not you?<BR>If you need help a psychologist may be very helpful

that's why this is a great site. you can find your friends here. i don't have the energy to go out much other than work so this is my release. because people here are supportive where as most people i meet at work aren't. write anytime you want