Man, Its So Depressing.

I'm 22. in high school i talked to everyone  but i only had a small group of real friends.  Then my group of friends and i started doing drugs.  i was depressed with bipolar ups and downs. i ended up going into a rehab place for over a month, it saved and changed my life. i haven't touched any drugs but sometimes i drink. i had to stop hanging out with my friends cause they all are still doing drugs.  now i have no friends and having a hard time making new friends.  i just think its crazy how when i did drugs i had friends, now i don't do drugs and i have no friends. and some are in jail and rehab which makes me feel good that I'm where i am. but I'm just so lonely.  and i know my family talks about it with each other (well I've never heard them but I'm sure they do) and i feel embarrassed about it.

i do work 11pm-7am so i sleep most of the day which  that doesn't help at all. even the few people i do talk to and hang out with, its hard to make time to hang! so once i get a daytime job i feel that i will be able to do allot more!   right?

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I had this life when I was your age . Go to the gym , and start working out you make some long lasting friends there . As for the others , they held you back , forget them .<br />
Enjoy the next fifteen to twenty years ,your at the age to do so . Get laid , don't get hooked . Take dance class at a college .

I'm the same way I don't have friends either.

Honey - they weren't really friends. They were drug buddy's. <br />
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You need to look for new friends - in the right places. Find a good/clean hobby that you enjoy and join a group that shares your interest. Go to church (believe it or not, there ARE some good people there still). The main thing is that you look for new friends and that you look for them in all the RIGHT places instead of all the wrong ones.<br />
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Good luck, sweetie. It's not an easy road .... but one worth traveling.