No Friends

I have no friends but by choice. you see the last friend I had is now married to my ex husband. They both did things to me behind my back. Well, I bet now she regrets taking this man. Now, I see, I was in love with a loser and a low life. He is a drunk and is always high. The sad part is, I have to still see them once in a while because I have two kids with him and she has one.
heavensangelv2003 heavensangelv2003
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5 Responses Sep 16, 2007

That could be awkward

That stinks. Be careful who you marry and have kids with next time, if there is a next time. I married a wonderful person, but I think about being alone again and miss it. Being alone is not so bad if you enjoy it and can manage the hard times by yourself.

i feel very strongly for you because i cant even imagine how heard it is to deal with such a struggle, and not even have the choice to avoid it, good luck, and good luck to your kids, if they haave such a terrible father. He might not have been that bad, but he sounds very out of order...

please don't make yourself suffer for other people's disgraceful actions. at least you are able to see clearly and you are no longer in that situation. now he is her problem.

When I was single and dating-I wouldn't even go out with someone my friend even had a crush on. It was just looking for trouble and hurt feelings.