Setting Up Auditions

would you like to be part of the next big reality movement?  Altered State Productions is now setting up auditions for "Be My Friend."  There is a grand prize.  There are survivors.  There are quitters.  Just submit application to "comment on this story"

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22-25, M
4 Responses Aug 10, 2009

lol, that's great ambition! I love having someone with such drive and initiative on my team. However, while, you're qualifications clearly dazzle, there is only one boss at this time. I will entertain the idea of having two management positions in the future, in which time, I will keep your resume in consideration for.

I would like to talk about promotion. I don't like this entry level stuff. I want to be the boss. LOL

great resume, Fungirl, except you're already in, lol. Maybe down the line we'll talk about a promotion

Jaycee Fungirl<br />
*EP Anywhere USA<br />
ob<x>jectives:<br />
Seeking an entry-level position as the friend of a great person known as Alteredstate. <br />
Education:<br />
• Major concentration in relationship building at the School of Hard Knocks.<br />
• Currently attending Improved Communications Skills Class. <br />
Skills& Abilities:<br />
• Language skills:<br />
>Speak three languages, and understand one.<br />
• People skills:<br />
> Love to talk.<br />
> Great listener.<br />
> Cute too.