Nobody Miss Me

   It's a horrible truth for me but I accept it now. I used to have friends or at least what people think friends are. I thought they were my friends until we finished high school and started collage. They went to different states to study and I stayed in the same city we all lived in. During the six years of collage they barely wrote an email to me. I tried to stayed in contact with them but they never replied my messages. You can say that they moved with their lives but the problem is that they stayed in contact with each other except with me. This situation lasted for six years. After that they returned to the city.

   During a year we resumed our friendship and everything seemed ok again. But after a year they left again and once again they didn't stay in touch with me. I sent them emails, started a blog so we could stay in contact and had their mobile numbers but everything was in vain. They reply my emails but never write to me the first time. If I don't try to stay in touch, they don't do it neither. My blog was useless 'cause they didn't read it. Now I'm tired of being the one who tries to continue the friendship. They only call me when they are in the city and want to go out. They ignore me all year and the month they are on vacations they want me to entertain them. Or sometimes they get together and after an hour or so they call me. I'm never the first guy to get invited to parties, only after the party has started they call me. On Christmas I was the one who sent the greeting. They answer me but you see, they don't take the initiative to start a communication with me.

   So now I decided to stop all communication with them. If they call me it would be nice, if they don't it's ok too. They probably will call me in six months when they make a party and somebody asks for me but I don't know if I'll answer. I'm so tired of waiting for a call.

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God I really know how you feel...I am in the same situation...please contact me if you need someone to talk with
I'll try do my best to make you feel better

coffeecappucino1995 my skype

The last statement of auntblabby is one of the universal truths. That's what I'm practicing now. Thanks everybody for your kind comments.

I can relate, but I'm still in college. Sometimes my life seems hopeless. I've got the brains to be an engineer, and I'd like to believe I've got the talent to be a musician, but all I do is sit around alone in my messy apartment playing on the computer. This semester has been rough for me. I just hope I can get out of this downward spiral and back on top of things. Let me know how it works out for you. I love success stories.

most of what folk call "friends" are merely acquaintances. true friends are rare but found generally at one's work [if one is very lucky] or church or play [organised hobbies]. hardly ever in college. folk who are "going places" seldom stay and put down roots in the same place they went to school in. i have found that one's best friend is generally one's own self.

I think you made a wise move there. If that's the kind of 'friend' they want to be, they don't deserve the kind of friend you're capable of.