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I had the best two friends. But last year I lost them both. And I just can't make friend. .
It has been hard losing them the same day. Just can't get myself to talk.
I always have been a really talkative
tama2 tama2
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You are among friends here on EP. You had a tremendous loss, take time to come to peace with it. They will always be with you, they touched your soul and you will always carry that with you. I have found the best way to honor them is tell tell others about them, I know it hurts, and pass on the qualities that you admired in them to others through your actions.<br />
<br />
Feel free to post what you want publicly and share what you feel you need with who you feel comfortable with. You appear to be a wonderful and loving person, I would enjoy having you as a friend.

You don't need to say why you lost them tama2, You did state you have been trouble talking so I respect that. I have also lost friends and all my immediate family. In fact I really only have two friends left in the whole world. It has been very hard. You are young and In time you will make friends again. I can be a friend if you like also I can just be and ear if you want to talk or just try to give some comforting words like i'm doing now. The important thing is to keep trying. when your ready, you will make some new freinds again. It's hard to make the lifelong close freinds though isnt it? I TRULY understand that. I am realizeing only now that due to my age i might only make aquantances and will never again have really close friends. But still I will try. Good luck tama2 and if you need me look me up. i will try to check this (new to me site) often as i can.

They passed away