Friend Of The Friendless

I lost my group of friends shortly after me and my ex decided to break up. I guess they favored him instead of me, which kind of sucked because I introduced my friends go him in the first place.

It's been hard knowing that ALL of the friends I had either very backhandedly chose to hang out with or very submissively let me slip away. I'm a good girl, I was there for EVERY ONE OF THEM when they were going through a hard time, but the second "always cheery" me had trouble in my life and cant always smile they left me high and dry.


Its really crazy to me that there are over 5 hundred people who say they are friendless, we all need to have a friendless convention and mingle!


VerucaSalt85 VerucaSalt85
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 16, 2010

ahhhh yessss.....good ol' friends strike again....<br />
Its amazing how much we share and have in common....<br />
<br />
Friends are their when everything is great, but no where to be found when you really need them.<br />
I've had to many instances when my so called friends only stuck around for their own benefit, but when I really needed them, they were no where to be found.<br />
<br />
As for those that chose him over you.... their lose.