I Have No Game!!!

I suck at talking to women. I am honest and all but in the end they all want "game" the tossing back and forth of mind games. I just despise them and for some reason women get off on it. I don't understand...

***edit***  Sorry for the confusion... I despise "game" not women hehe

Xeno Xeno
26-30, M
4 Responses Jul 13, 2007

Wow, Katie...I wish I knew some girls like you. I've never met a girl who likes shy guys.

Xeno. I don't think all woman want game. I hate when a guy walks up in a bar, chest puffed out and acting all tough and s h i t. I prefer the guy that plays a little hard to get. A little shy. Mind games are ridiculous.

Well... I suppose I could have been more clear.... I don't sespise women... I despise "game" :P sorry bout that confusion.

Wow - here's a subject we could write about endlessly! You've answered your own question - you said you despised women. (Trust me - they don't get of on it!) Learn to like women and they will like you - 100% guarantee. The way to start is by realizing that - gulp - they're human beings! Most men dislike women to an extent - for 2 reasons - they need them and they fear them. They fear them because they don't understand them. Forget about "game." Games are what you're left with when everything else goes down the drain. Experiment with being interested in them, and liking them.