I Fell

Babysitting for my son's dog (and Australian Shepherd) and bravely walked him out on his leash to get my trash can from the curb on Monday. Dog sees cat and takes off and there goes ksparrow, crashing on the icy driveway (gravel so the winter sun doesn't melt it as fast as macadam) on her knees and hands, leash in one hand and (empty) trash can in the other.  Checking myself over, I could stand, muttered under my breath to the dog who looked at me curiously, "sorry", but unable to control himself because chasing a cat was much more important than Grandma, on the other end of that leash.

Good news and bad(?) news:  I can't figure it out.  The leash arm ached horribly (60 lbs of dog at least on that tug), but BioFreeze and aspirin/caffeine combo got rid of it.  The chiropractor adjusted the back and neck, more good.  The kneecap felt like it was going to pop for the next two days, then righted itself (whew).  And as of yesterday, my hands decided that it was THEIR turn to start hurting.  I couldn't move them at all without excruciating pain.  BioFreeze, aspirin.  This morning, aspirin/caffeine.  They still hurt, but not as much as last night. So, I guess I did okay. 

Update:  The hands stopped hurting, pain transferred to left shoulder.  Bursitis now?  Excruciating. (Grr.)
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4 Responses Jan 12, 2013

My 80 pound dog yanked me up the deck stairs yesterday, slamming my hand into the wooden railing. There was a fair amount of cursing involved in that little incident. While I did not suffer like you, I understand how these things happen. Bad dog!
Feel better Sparrow

Reading it, I almost felt your pain! I hate winter! Landscape looks stunning but it's enough to look at my old winter pics. Please take care and get well soon! xxx

ouch! you did well k ... it could have been much worse after all. with a bit of luck you'll be fine in another day or two. ((hugs ... oh and another aspirin!))

Don't it annoy you that the dog caused all that?.At least with children they are aware of right and wrong and can be made aware of the conseqences of there actions.But dogs ain't and it's that obliviousness that irratates the living **** out of me...that and about 10 googleplex other reasons why they annoy me.