It's Just What Happens When You Are Me.

I have no hope. 4 words that cut me deeper then anything else could ever cut me. Whenever I see a girl the thought just comes into my head that you could never have her, she thinks she is way to good for you and this is for every girl I see, meet and talk to. The sad part is it's true. In the last 3 years not one girl has liked me that had met me, not even one. There is no outstanding reason for it, it's just because I am so unlucky and that it seems I am invisible which is ironic because i'm 6 foot 5. It's the only thing that matters to me above everything else and it's the one thing I can never have and it must seem so petty but it consumes me it's what I normally think about and I can't get it out of my head and I don't really have anyone to talk to it about because no one understands. I'm just lying here wondering that if my life had the one extra thing in it, it would be a million times better. I'm a fairly nice guy who would never cheat or lie but that's apparently what every girl doesn't want in the world so I'm going to be a **** from now on cause girls seem to love that :/ so that's my plan to escape this stupid life :(
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don't be a ****.. you know someone does lie you, you just gotta find out whooo ;)

haha nah no one does but it doesn't matter so much anymore

you dn't know that you just got to wait. theres a girl out there who was made just for you, one day you'll realise that she is' adamo' with you :)

maybe maybe but i was saying no one likes me now lol

and i was saying they dooooooo lol :)

nah not anyone that has met me anyways

hahahahahah, no, they havent yet..


Omg lol.

i have a feeling you are hinting something

Ahahahahh, you know mee, everythingsb a riddle XD

Hmm I suppose so the same with me but you don't know it's a riddle until it's too late.

Aha hahahah, I don't leave. I vanish but don't leave :)

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Don't do thatttt, the girls that deserve you won't like that and then they'll pass you upp. Just be who ya are, I like you for who you are, and I don't want that to change! And you shouldn't put yourself down like that, you are attractive, and I'm not just saying that. I really do mean it:) And it's not petty, and actually most people have feelings like that. You just gotta keep your head up and keep pushing forward; if you needed someone like that in your life, they would be there now, and when you do need them, they'll appear:) So just keep doing what ya love, like destroying people at Tennis and listening to good music!:) It'll all work out, everything is exactly as it should be, and that girl is out there, but it's just not the perfect timing yet. :)

Have hope pleasee:)

but that means that every girl in my life doesn't deserve me and that's just sad lol Yeah but you haven't met me and as you say you would probably be to shy to talk to me so you wouldn't end up liking me either because we would find it hard to talk :/ I'm not attractive I'm ugly and fat lol I need one now and I don't believe that for me someone will appear :( I have been doing all that for ages and I have no choice but to keep doing it :/ Look I have the view that God is punishing me for something so I don't know about any of that I can't believe it sorry :( my hope is almost gone and last night it was all gone so I dunno what to do :( your so nice and im sorry I'm so negative but if you were me living where I live you would be to thanks for the concern :)

That's right, there's only one girl out there that does deserve you, and apparently it isn't any of the ones in your life right now. There aren't any guys in my life like that either, and I've found that it truly is better to be alone than to be with the wrong person. And, what if you're with the wrong person when the right one comes along? That would be a really sad story..And I would be shy because I would already like you, sooo just because I would have trouble talking to you at first doesn't mean that I wouldn't hunt someone down to introduce me to you:) And I understand how you feel, sometimes feeling lonely is the worst feeling everrr, and it convinces you that you need someone. But you don't buddy:) You want them, but you don't need them--that's a difficult thing to deal with, but it's true. I wish it wasn't true haha, I want to have a reason to hunt down a loverr!:P God isn't punishing you, this is the way life works--there aren't a multitude of people that are right for you, and so it's a waiting game really. Learn how to love friends now, and then you'll be ready to take it to the next step when she comes into your life:) Don't rush it, you miss out on a lot:) And just becuase your hope is gone right now doesn't mean we can't go find some more for ya, you can have some of mine, I've got plenty for the both of uss:) It's quite alright, it's understandable that you feel negative at the moment, anyone in your place probably would. In some parts of my life I live in negative settings, and this city just has a negative vibe about it, so don't worry, I understand. But just because it's negative there doesn't mean you can't find a way to be different:) In fact, it may even attract more people if you found a way to be more positive than them, they would want the hope that you have:) Don't worry though, one step at the time, and I'm always there if ya need mee, just message mee duude:)