Ignorance Aggravates Me

I am both sad and aggravated. I am saddened to hear about Whitney Houston's death, but aggravated by how many ignorant a**holes are blaming Bobby Brown for her death. They both were addicts when they met she just hid her problem much better. The reason you started to see her addiction once they got together is you tend to let it all hang out when you are comfortable. She felt comfortable with her fellow adict husband. Its not like Bobby held a gun to her head and said smoke this crack pipe right now. Whitney was a crackhead by her own choice. And I am not writing this story to talk bad about the dead I am writing this story to set the record straight. I agree we have lost a legend a beautiful musician as in voice and looks. I loved Whitney's music nobody can ever take her place. But the truth is the truth and there is no way around it. Bobby did not cause this woman's death and I wish u brainless idiots would stop saying it. Whitney caused her own death in the end Whitney's untimely death is due to Whitney's own decision. You idiotic jerks always gotta blame somebody for something. Now there I finally got this off my chest now I feel better woosa lol. Sorry for your loss Bobby Brown and Bobbi Christina another beautiful soul called home another icon gone!
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2012

of course you are totally right when you say people can not blame bobby and from what i have read they both still loved each other so very much.<br />
most addictions are associated with a mental health issue and is purely a persons pathway that dictates the way to try and get help.<br />
i loved whitneys music and i have put a tribute on youtube--mentalmike100 but i agree it was not bobby,s fault nor infact whitneys.<br />

thanks for being myfriend here in ep,and yes i was so shock and sad that my idol and i always admired died young,and yes we cannot blame those around her but only those who are the responsible people who sell this kind of stuff and i was really shock knowing one of the icon of music died so young....

No problem bein ur friend that seems to be easy :)! And yes when I heard about Whitney's passing I was hoping it was just a senseless rumor but no I was wrong. Now I am praying for Bobbi Kristina cuz its been said that she has tried to kill herself. I pray and hope what they r saying is not true her mother would not want this for her!