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No Direction

I am 22 years old and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Not that uncommon? Yes, I know, I am told that almost every day. The trouble is, I'm the type of person who gets totally depressed and lethargic and can't/won't do anything when I have no direction in life. What I mean is, everyone just says "you don't have to know exactly what you want to do with your life, just get a college degree and your life will be better." I honestly have no idea how these people manage/managed to trudge through the crap and muck of it all and write papers and study for tests and do busy work and go to inane classes JUST because they knew they had to get a degree. I guess that's just not good enough motivation for me. Why? I NEED to know that my life is going to be better when I get through all this. I NEED to have a dream and I just don't. I know I want to live in a city, I know who I want to marry and that I want to have kids, I just don't know what I want to do for a living. It's so hard to keep going when I feel this way, and I have tried everything to come up with some kind of idea of a career, but nothing can really inspire me enough to do what it takes to get there. I don't really think anyone can help me, but I'd just like to know that I'm not alone and to hear how other people are coping.

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mines kind of different, I'm from Kenya (Africa) , and I'm in my 4th Year in United States International University-Africa, my major is International relations and frankly I feel like I've wasted 4 years of my life together with my parents funding.
I'm in my fourth year but because of my previous failures I still a year of school after my intended graduation. I'm confused because after constant trying I don't seem to be excelling in my major, my grades show good performance in other modules I've undertaken and low-average performance in courses to do with IR.
I don't know what my biggest challenge is despite the lack of motivation. I question myself each day wondering if I'm just not putting in enough into this.
I live in a country where education is the only tool to get you out of poverty and little diversity of occupation. my passion which is interior design is only offered in 2 universities as a degree and other colleges as a certificate. I'd love to pursue it but I fear failure and making a mistake.

"I NEED to know that my life is going to be better when I get through all this. I NEED to have a dream and I just don't."

I feel the exact same way. I'm 18, still pretty young, but have now dropped out of 2 different colleges in two years from studying completely different things. They didn't spark my interests, so I just couldn't be bothered and eventually gave up. The problem I face now is that I can't choose anything without thinking "I'm probably going to quit that too" So I feel I HAVE to choose something that I KNOW I will like...otherwise it's just going to be the same. I don't think anyone will be able to physically help me either, I feel it's something that comes from within, rather than just another perspective. The way I cope is that I just hope that something will just come up. Surely something will eventually fall into my lap...just wait and see I guess.

I know that feeling , I am also 18 and I just cant choose something to do for the rest of my life.
it WILL work out eventually , but I hate waiting for my life to begin , it feels like my life is put on hold while everyone else is moving forward.
Its a crappy feeling and my parents isn't making it better.
good luck .
its good to know I am not the only one.

Just like many of you, I too feel like I'm Alice in Wonderland, tumbling down the rabbit hole. I'm 27 at writing this and I have not one hint at what I want to do in life. The one thing I've noticed about all of us on this page is. That we think about what we want. Too much? Maybe. In my experience over thinking a situation can/ will make it 90% worse than it is. We put up these mental walls in front of our goals and dreams telling ourselves " I can't do that" "I'm not smart enough" "Maybe tomorrow"

What I'm trying to get at is, don't over complicate life. Live in the present because let's face it, who doesn't like presents? Life has a funny way of getting us all to where we need to be.

If you're going to take anything from this site make it
"You are not alone in your thoughts" :-)

Hang in there people

I'm 20 years old and still workin at a fast food restaurant. I graduated high school in 2013 and after highschool I made the mistake of going to cosmetology school and I ended up dropping out bc I didn't like it. So I kind of went through something similar to you. I still don't know what to major in. And people tell me all the time and it gets so frustrating I don't know how I still have hairs in my head cause I stress this everyday so you're not alone.

I am also 22 and I have no idea what I want in life anymore. I'm in school right now for Music Performance, but my grades are starting to slip because not only do I study full time, but I also work full time and pay my way through college. My weekends are completely booked with work and I don't have time to seriously focus on anything, I'm just putting one foot in front of the other. You seriously are not alone, these feelings of not feeling accomplished and worried about my future have gotten to me for the past several weeks, I am tired of being broke with money and time. I hope you find your peace and do something that will complete you.

As somebody who was once in ALL of your shoes, I understand. I get how frustrating it is to be living a life without direction and purpose and how unbearable it can be to know that you're on the wrong path. We think "well I did everything "right", everything that I was told to do, but why am I not happy?" When we conform to the expectations and "rules" of society, we lose ourselves. We live our life according to everybody else and become clueless about our own wants, desires and dreams. The good news is that once you are aware of your lack of fulfillment, you have the power to change course! There is a way out.

Please visit my site at . I offer a free eBook (How to Be Happy & Thrive in Your Twenties) that can get you started on your journey of reclaiming your life. The work that I do is life-changing. I know this because I used the same concepts and tools to find my calling in life!! I'm also offering a FREE webinar within the next month to help young adults find their direction in life and I'd love for you to be a part of it.

p.s. I'd love to read your responses in this thread in future presentations (as real life examples).

Shaina Leis

I can say I understand how you feel - or more accurately, you understand how I feel....

I am 21 years old and attending college and am half way through my degree (almost). I will have to agree that getting some sort of degree will be beneficial. In order to find a purpose for academics, you should focus on a skill. I chose networking with computers because computers will be relevant in the oncoming age. Think of it as training your self for a more stable position so you CAN find out what you want to do.

Later on, I may choose to get a degree in humanities because I like knowing how people act and why they act that way. Not on an individual basis, but more so on a wide spread genetic level. It may seem odd having two opposing degrees (computer networking/ human cultures) but if that is what it take to get a goal then Hey!

I have absolutely no goals in life, and when people learn of this they call me dull and look down on me with disdain. In reality, I just want to coast through life and enjoy the view. Many people mistake this as a lack of passion, but it quite the opposite.

I regularly massively misrepresent myself when explaining my true feelings. This causes people to make mistakes about my character and what I want or represent. This causes distrust among my peers even though no damage was actually made.

I know how that depression of aimlessness feels. I am 21, live with my mom, and have yet to actually be in a relationship. My best friend from childhood is happily married, with two daughters, in his own house. I usually see them on a weekly basis. He also happens to be getting better grades than me and absolutely loves the field he is in.

The only way through life from my view is enduring to the end. Do know that you are early in life. Do not assume you will be struck by lightening. Just imagine that you will live until you are 140 for some messed reason and prepare for that.

There was a movie once about an old man that is retelling his life story. The journalist interviewing him begins getting multiple stories that do not seem coherent. None of his life stories are similar. In the end he responds by saying that it does not matter what choice he made because they all led down the right path no matter how dark or how glorious it was.

Im just sitting here reading everyones comments and im amazed that im not alone
Im 18 years old and just like all of you i have no idea what im doing with my life i have no ambition no goals its like i have no purpose to be here on this planet ive had suicidal thoughts and believe me when i say that if it wasnt for certain people in my life i wouldnt be here. writing this i cant get a job cus its like im scared of the world i have trouble talking to people i cant drive so that makes things even worse and on top of it all i have a mom that cant wait till im out of the house she kicks me out every chance she gets tells me how much she hates me every time shes mad i wont lie things are bad for me but il tell you what theres one thing that keeps me going and thats the big man up stares. He had love for me when i didnt have love for myself and i didnt think anyone would ever love me and even tho things are bad now i know thing can only get better i know what your thinking ohh this dude is just another religious nut job And maybe thats case but belive me when i say your not alone even when you think are and everything in your life is going down hill your not alone jesus new your name and died for your sins even before you were born thats love the only love that will carry you trew out your life if only you would let it so i encourage to grab a bible ask the lord for forgiveness and let him in too your heart he'll show the path You have no idea the incredibl joy and that my father can give y'all. Remeber your not alone god bless each and every one you

I never knew other people had my problem too.
I started college 5 months ago, and honestly I've never felt this lost and depressed in my life this badly before. I am an undecided major, and I have no type of direction for my life.
People would ask me what type of career I would want, I don't know what I want. People would ask me what I like to do, I don't know what I like. I don't know what I see myself doing 15 years from now. I have no motivation or ambition. I feel like I'm really only going to college because I am told too, not for myself. My anxiety worsens when I hear friends talk about their future, seeing how they know what they want to do with their life kills me. It is easier to get good grades when you have a goal in mind, but I don't. I just do the bare minimum to pass. But lately I haven't even been doing that. I really do not want to let down my mom and fail, but is that the only reason why I keep moving forward. My depression has worsened, and I constantly have thoughts of suicide. I want to talk to someone but I am very paranoid. I have trouble even reaching out to the campus counselors and I do not want to talk to my mom about this. Irony of this all is, if you see me normally, I am an extremely social person, I talk to a lot of people. When I'm alone (which is a lot) however, all the thoughts return and sometimes I just lay in bed and cry. you'd never guess that I have been depressed for the past 3 years of my life. I feel like an empty shell just going through the motions of the day because I am told. Not knowing what I want to do. Even my best friends which I constantly text don't know what I am going through. This emptiness kills me inside, I just want to disappear. Did I just rant a bit too much?
I feel truly alone in this ordeal, I know I am isolating myself but I can't help it. In the end I am just afraid. Afraid that I am just wasting my time, afraid of my future.


It sounds like you already know WHY you're making the decisions you're making- because of what you're TOLD to do. This is a huge realization. It's impossible for someone else to know whats best for you. You said "I really do not want to let down my mom and fail." What about not letting yourself down? How are you letting YOU down? Do you think your mom would be more proud to see you living a life you're proud and happy to live or forcing yourself to live a life that doesn't feel right?

Be careful about comparing yourself to your friends- it's very easy to compare what's going on inside of us with the external appearance of others.

I'm glad to see you getting comfort from the other people who are going through similar situations. Look into a hiring a coach or reading a self-help book. The book that changed my life was "Finding Your Own North Star" by Martha Beck. I actually trained with her afterwards! Visit my website for some free material/ free coaching session as well.

You got this! Be proud of yourself for being awake to the fact that things need to change. Most people spend their whole lives ignoring the fact that they're on the wrong path. Don't be so hard for yourself. Use your fear of insignificance in this world propel you forward to making lasting changes.

I love reading everyone's posts because although it feels like I'm all alone, I know I am not. I'm 18 years old and I don't think I have ever been so lost in my entire life. It feels good to finally write that out. It's weird because up until a few months ago, I always had it figured out. I knew where I wanted to go to school and what I wanted to be and ever since I was a little girl, I've a had plan. I don't know any of those things any more and I definitely do not have a plan. I have wanted to cry so much because of how lost I am. Including that, the people who I thought were my friends don't care about me anymore or at least they don't show it. I feel like at this age we are supposed to feel the happiest because we have our whole lives ahead of us. Yet I look around and I see how fun my friends are having and how everyone seems to be on the right track and I'm standing still, looking over the horizon. If people ask me how I am, my answer is I don't know because that's how I truly feel.
Right now I am going to a college in Maine. I'm transferring next semester to a school near my home town in New Hampshire because it just doesn't feel right being here. Have you ever felt that way? Like you just know you don't belong somewhere? Anyways, I'm hoping I am making the right decision and if not I guess I will find out. One thing I have learned is that we always go back to what we need and being home is what I need right now.
I don't know what you've been through but I'd like to believe that for you and me, everything will work out. I mean, maybe we have to go through all of this struggling and confusion to get to where we are meant to be. I bet you have probably heard that millions of times, so I'm sorry if you have to read it once more.
I hope you find you're way. I hope I find mine too.

- Sky


That feeling that you know you're not supposed to be somewhere is your gut. Good for you for following it, regardless of how hard it may seem.

A lot of us think that when we go through this period of confusion and feeling lost that it's tragic! But, it's actually a huge opportunity to figure it out once and for all.

Be careful when you say, "We have to go through all of this struggling and confusion to get to where we are meant to be." This is a HUGE belief and you will prove that true. if you believe that, you'll think struggling at bad jobs and feeling confused is NORMAL and you'll find yourself in those situations way longer than necessary. I promise you that it does not have to be that way. In fact, if something feels like a struggle, you're on the wrong path, period. Don't let your mind convince you otherwise.

How about the belief "By doing more of the things I love and feeling clear-minded is how it's supposed to be?" That thought is going to FEEL much better and drive you in the direction you want to go.

p.s. Just as I commented on the gentleman's above, be careful of "compare and despair." It's super easy to compare what we have happening inside of us to what we THINK is happening to other people. You have a huge AWAKENING here to change your life for the better and lead the life you want to- something other people who settle or ignore their unhappiness don't. It's up to you as to what you do with it.


I'm 22 also and you're not alone. My family didn't have many that graduated from high school or college. So I made that to be my goal along with playing basketball, that was until my senior yr I tore my ACL and pretty much all my bball offers went off the table.Well turned out I did graduate from both and I received my basic welding certification. So I started smoking w***, shortly after that, I got called for an interview from practically the only place that would take in entry level welders. I passed the written part, then I had to do a hands on demonstration which I also passed with flying colors. So I'm signing my paper work & they call me to the back.....long story short I failed the urine test. Not only that I did the same thing again and this time I tried to use some to clear out my system but in result I failed again. I know it was stupid actually very stupid. Which unfortunately I can't do anything with the past. But now I'm back in my hometown currently with no job,no car, and trying to start over. But its sooo hard, everyday after putting in numerous apps, if it ain't me just waking up and wish I just stay asleep for the rest of the day or just wanna cry and just sorry to say just die sometime. Its that bad I feel like can't nobody help me BC I can't even help myself why BC I don't even no where to begin to help let alone tell somebody else. I'm not smart, I don't want to be a doctor or lawyer or teacher or coach. I know its alot of things that people can be or do. But does anybody think its possible to not want to do any of that ! Like where does that leave you standing


The reason you're not making progress is because you believe "I can't even help myself." As long as you believe this, you won't. As long as you believe that, you will be living without a job or a car. You are an adult and as adults we are more than capable in turning our lives around, no matter the circumstances. You also BELIEVE that "I'm not smart." Does a person that thinks "I'm not smart?" go out and make something of themselves? HELL NO.

KNOW that it's not your circumstances that are causing you to feel bad, it's your thoughts. Somebody else who is living at home without a job and a car are having thoughts like, "I'm better than this. I'm meant to do something great with my life." That person is taking completely different action to get their life together. You must watch that victim language. When we play victim, it leaves us powerless. When we feel powerless, we don't do anything to make changes! Regain your power back...your happiness and success depends on it.

You have a great story- and finding your place in this world is about finding your "sweet spot" where you passions, talents, unique gifts and experience (or story) meets. It sounds like you are giving up on yourself. You need to work on that messy thinking you have about yourself. Sure basketball didn't work out because you tore your ACL. That experience is just going to add to your unique gift that you share with the world. You didn't get that job. So what? Are you really going to let THAT be the demise of you?

You have more freedom and more potential then you realize and way more then you're giving yourself credit for. You are the only thing standing in your way! Get out of your own way.

Shaina (

You not alone, i am 19 . I don't believe advise would help you, cause it doesn't help me. Im also not that religious but ....god will place you where supposed to be. As long as you know what you DONT want to do. He will have you do what your meant to do.......if that makes any sense.

I am currently 16 years old, and from a certain prospective, some might say my young life has just started. Yet, if all this confusion and depression is just the beginning, then I fear for what is yet to come of me.

Right now, I am battling with what I want to be or who I want to become. I do have passions such as; Music, Gaming, Reading & writing. However, none of the courses in College seem to come close to what I am searching for.

And it bothers me.

It bothers me so much that I've already dropped out of one College (I was doing Music Peformance) and is now searching for something else to do. There is so much pressure on choosing something that is meaningful and motivative when I am the least motivated I have ever been.

My parents are telling me to just choose already & to call up my College right now with what I want to do. They make it sound so easy, but they still don't get it.

I've suggested Art. They disagree, saying that I wouldn't truly get somewhere with it. And I am going to be completely honest, I won't. I barely got a C for Art, even if I did like it a little.

I am not clever enough for A-Levels. My parents beg to differ, as they should, but I know what I am capable of. I wouldn't have it in me to choose various topics and still stay interested in each subject, because I know I'll like 1 and hate the rest.

Sigh. I don't know what to do. My parents are pushing me, telling me, scolding me, pressuring me and my mind just rebels. Not that my household is a light topic.

I don't want to go College. I love the idea of expanding my writing on Wattpad, playing video games and singing to the endless Karaoke clips on YouTube. I am so unhappy, and I feel that my broken family are taking away my only happiness. But how do you tell your loved ones that they're doing no good, when their intentions is to only give you guidance and reassurance?

I'm tired of it all. They wouldn't care enough to understand why, but the pain still stands in the unbending truth; I am tired of it all. What 16 year old has to feel this way? Why should I have to use my dog as an excuse to get away from my mum so I can cry outloud without the fear of anyone hearing me? Nobody should. Nobody.

So, I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I'll probably search for a job that pays well enough to move out of this house, so then I won't feel so bloody restricted all the time. I won't have to deal with the feel of my parents breathing down my neck. I can write for endless days, maybe publish if I'm content with my work. Make a YouTube channel for gaming, as unoriginal as that sounds, and connect with people who're just as lost as me.

My mum is only worried about the money she won't get for me if I don't go College. We do need money, but I didn't know that money was much more important than her daughters well-being. Sad, really. The skies right now seem to agree with me. Cold & wet.

I need help. My family needs help. But I feel like just another fleeting whisper within a world so big.


I know how people feel on this one.

Thing is most people in society wont admit these kinds of things in a social capacity.
No-one's going to mention this subject during passing conversation.
In my own opinion, I think most people just walk around PRETENDING they have the answers to everything they want in life and how to get it.

I've gone right from being a privately schooled well off young man to dealing Class A drugs when I was just 17 in all trouble with the police to sorting it all out from nothing. Seeing the world like that, its seeing it through the looking glass. I've had the perspectives of the rich and the poor. The have and the have not's.
The difference between the two is nothing and everything.

I guess if people were just more open and honest about this kind of subject particularly then it wouldn't feel so bad not really knowing.

I think not knowing is half of the fun really.
Who knows where it's all going to end up?

Just have to take the jump and live for each day as it comes.


I completely agree with you that the "not knowing" can actually be the EXCITING part of it all, BUT only when you have the necessary tools that are guiding you in the direction that's meant for you. When I went through the work of self-discovery/ coaching...I still didn't know exactly where I was headed, but it felt much more clean! I knew I was living life according to ME, following my curiosities and interests and had a better understanding of how I became lost. I knew I had a long journey ahead of me, but it was the RIGHT one. I wasn't lost anymore. My future became exciting : )

When you're in that dark, confused and lost period (as most of these people are), things are scary! The future it scary because you know (in the deepest part of you) you're not headed in the direction you're meant too. Your life feels messy and icky. As long as you don't know how you get there or how to get out, excitement is the last of your feelings!

This is why CLEANING UP THE MESS is so crucial in leading a happier, successful life.

Shaina (


It sounds like you already DO know what you want in a sense. You already know what your likes and desires are (which ultimately by following what makes you happy leads to your ultimate calling in life), but it's just the pressures from your family that are interfering. You have A LOT of messy thinking around others' thoughts/ opinions/ criticism that needs to be dissolved and worked through first. You have such a leg up on other people your age as to far as your passions and talents. Once you work through your "Everybody" (what I call in my coaching practice) you're going to soar in this world. Be conscious to WHY you're making the decisions you are. Are they coming from a place of inspiration? or from a place of fear?

Shaina (

I'd suggest studying something because you're interested in it and you actually want to learn about it. Your best bet is to think about what you like to do, think about what you could do for the rest of your life and how you can persue that goal. College and university is just a structured rout of getting you to that end-goal. Speaking from experience (i dropped out of university) you really dont want to get to uni and realise that you're not studying what you're interested in. Dont think of college as a chore, and dont think of it as high school, and dont think of it as exams and coursework and exams and coursework. just think of it as a way to learn what you want to learn, and if you dont want to learn what you're studying then you're doing the wrong course.

I turned 18 years old 2 days ago. I thought i knew what i wanted to do with my life from the start, and I got good grades for my G.C.S.E.'s so i could progress onto college to get a Diploma in Vehicle Maintenance, and eventually get a job fixing people's cars in a garage. After passing a level 2 Diploma i started to have my doubts on whether i really wanted to pursue a career in vehicle mechanics, and after my third week of my Level 3 Diploma course I have lost all motivation to carry on, and my passion for cars is gone. I started with high hopes and plenty of motivation but College has killed off all of it. I no longer want to do this, and feel anxious about what to do with my life instead. I almost feel like my life is going to become a depressing cycle of boring hard work and I have no idea what to do to prevent it

I'm in the same boat. I'll turn 20 in a month with absolutely no direction in my life. I did great in high school and could have gone to any college I wanted (within reason) but college just wasn't for me. Spending more money than I've ever seen in my life on something I have no idea I want to do. So I've worked full time since I graduated highscool then went to welding school. I decided welding because I'm good at it and I figured I might as well make ok money in the mean time. I've been working as a welder for almost a year now. 2 months ago I got a new job working 72 hours a week on second shift. And that has me so burnt out and making me think even more what I'm even doing with my life because it's not this. I've gotten really depressed and turned to drugs and that's definitely not the right direction but this whole thing has been eating at my mind for so long. I'm only almost 20, is this past year what the rest of my life will look like? I don't know what to do anymore.

I'm 23 and facing a similar situation. I did started the University but I hate it, I'm studying engineering because my father talked me into that, I didn't really wanted that. Now I'm experiencing the consequences, I don't like it, I don't feel passionate about it, I don't get good grades, I feel a big pressure because of that, I'm feeling depressed and lonely. About a month ago I've started using drugs more frequently almost daily, and I don't know what my future will be, I can't take this anymore.


First of all, congratulations for recognizing that college was not the right path for you and sticking to that. Most people (myself included) choose to forge through even though it doesn't FEEL right because we don't want to go against the grain.

But, it sounds like once you made that decision, you used money as your motivating factor of what to do next. When we use money as our motivation, it sometimes works in the short-term, but NEVER in the long-term. We live in a very different world today, and the people who take inspired-action are the ones succeeding.

Do you really believe that THIS (where you are today) is what the rest of your life will look like? If so, you'll prove that true. But, I think you KNOW it's not as long as you're willing to make changes and "figure it out."

Decide that you want a better, more meaningful life. When you make this conscious decision, you'll make the decision to actually get it. I was in your shoes and it sucked! But, there is a way out- you just gotta believe there is and take the steps to getting there.

Shaina (

I know this was from 2008 but this is EXACTLY how I feel. I am also 22. I've tried the whole "well I'll get my basics while I figure it out" ...and nothing. Ugh!

dont believe in this "god", just opinion- there are too many religions, and self prac..ppl- christanity is only a religion of lies..-... btw- there is no "Heaven" it is but nothingness.... re-search what you are interesed in, but dont give in- for christianity- is but a joke, a, money maker- and turned native Americans into demons... 1st christians- or....lets say- real human beings...sry- but this christian word- shall never be capitalized- for their "rape" of humanity- will be remembered, just me, im speaking for all that agree... i grew up christian- tghen wiccan- which rocks!!!- then aethist, now to nothing.... just believe what fits you- **** your judgement, no one on this planet can decide anything for you... plz find what fits you- research it, and stick with it... after all you cant be judged unless you have a description... ppl want to play god, but like us=- will never happen- do as told, have failth in whatever religion you choose, and **** THE REST. Earth wasnt born for religion, just cant be blind to the reast, pick yourreligion/ or say "none" what u choose- will be other ppl outlook on "you" no matter- like i said b4, **** em- religion or not, do what works for "YOU", in the best way you have "ever" had!!!!!!!

Pick yours friend!!! tough road, but **** 'em

which is why there" liars" are the only ones to pass a $ tray around...- who does that??? JUST A STUPID BUSINESS, how its been for a loooooooooooong time...think about it guy... stories over time? to make a book of city rules? c'fn on, ....BS" ok- just gonna say one thing- ok- 2, lol, sry-this "devil" is only for in that Christian bs, karma is def real- but located in " 1 religion" nor is "satan" only in the past 100 or 2 yrs- did this how come into play- just so ppl will put $ into the "HEAVEN" tray,like other religions... if ur good- u go to good place,...How bout i say this too- iv been a **** most of my life.... - when i wasnt- i was Wiccan.... awesome exp too man, I love them ;) satanic- i have had several friends.... but
they didn't believe in god...kinda weird, but- they ROCKED!! good mix of ppl, Regardless-i had more in more than i wanted to say-W/E
.... I am strong againt stupid liars, ppl- can create ****, but when **** hits the fan- who u gonna pray to? or just prove it, cause i can thru wicca- but DARK- still peaceful tho are some sides of voodoo- dont JUDGE til u can tell me otherwise.....sry guy- im goin off on my own rant....look- ppl can help you choose, but only you can be your own "batman" god, is weird tho, but you are the only one who can make it comfortable need to respect other people's religions....whether you believe in them or not so be it. Just stop hating.

And I believe God WILL help this person. There has to be something beyond just Earth; sorry but you have to be blind to think we just appear as a fetus, age, and then wither into dirt. Everything/everyone has a purpose, and I hope zozozo22 finds his.

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You guys have no idea. Im 18 and feel the same with just about all of you. I tell myself I have goals and with my friends and family I tell them what it is. And when I say them. I like the idea. But then I get depressed. I know deep down what I said I want for a career. I don't! I don't find it achieving or motivational. I found this and it made me happy knowing others like me are out there :D so thank you all

where u live, answer will give an opinion- from a christian....lmao...but true...

I know the exact feeling. I've been searching the internet for a similar emotion scheme as me and this is as close as I have come. I'm currently 17 years of age and from/living in the UK. to cut the crap, in the UK, we have to decide our future at 16, not 18. I decided to avoid a-levels and go to a college that does just btec courses because its renowned for getting you apprenticeship opportunities (my initial goal). I've finished the first year of the course flawlessly with a Distinction* overall (A* equivalent). but I've gained no fulfilment what so ever, the best desc<x>ription of my self, is... empty. i have interests such as gaming and music but when i try to apply them to a work related scenario i don't see myself enjoying any of them. If i knew a possible career path, i would then have the confidence to (maybe) drop out of my 4 year long btec course to persure my dream within a-levels, which also ultimately opens up a series of options, but ultimately, like yourself, i find it very hard to proceed without complete omniscience within my future. to put it bluntly, I don't have the balls to pack up and leave my unfinished soul-sucking course without ultimate closure.

Man I'm 25 and don't know what I want to do with my life I have no gf the girls out here are just not good at all they are like weired gangster type girls HUGE (turn off) !! I keep trying to think and once I think I might be interested in something I do a little research and find something wrong! What's wrong with me aghhhh! Right now I've been considering becoming a sheriff but I don't know I was reading a lot of bad stuff about how corrupt and expressing it van be. To go to a call for a auto accident and everyone in the var is dead men women children ect .. Or to a house where someone committed suicide I'm not Sir I would like it at all maybe have me feeling worse. But the only thing I was interested in doing any of that is they are always going to need police, sheriffs,staters.. Its a job that will more than likely be there all the time, and I want to at least live comfortable where ever I am. I also want to travel see more than the city I qm in which is Albuquerque New Mexico. Where I grew up I see a lot of people struggling my parents did alright have a nice house always stocked up on food like crazy nice vehicles have flat screen TVs in every room connected to Comcast, high speed internet, and always have extra money for spending on what ever. They are not rich or poor but live comfortable. That's how I want to be have some sort of security where you have your house your car and know your bills will get paid every month. I have uncles,aunties, friends that are struggling to her by bareley able to pay their bills every month and never have extra money to do anything! I'm scared sh*tless that I'm going to end up like that! I want to see the world or at least travel all over the united states and see and meet new people. I'm stuck and it feels like I'm meant to not do anything because that's how a lot of people where I am from are like and after you see people like that your whole life it starts to be automatic wiering in you. But I always felt different from everyone else I refuse to believe that my life is not going any where I am SCARED S*ITLESS but it better to end up being a failure and knowing you at lest tried then to just except it and always say when I was younger I wonder if my life would of been like if I did this diffrent . even if I do end up like most people I dread turning into DAMN well god has a plan for everyone and if that was his plan for me all along who am I to second think him. Things happened for a reason but I've learned you cannot always just sit around and expect things to workout them selfs or come to you. You have to put in some of the effort but think of it like this 15-20 years from now you could either be in the same spot and mind set or just say **** it and try to take a chance and change something in your life and just try to change the way we think. I'm the type of person that would say I don't give a **** I'll get by one way or another but really right now is the time I have to man up and start doing something or I am going to end up like the people I gear like being the most, at least doing something I have a better chance of being successful than with what I'm currently doing. Everyone of my friends I grew up with and cousin all have girl friends wife's kids and feel like I'm the only one not moving forward, but god as my whitness I'm going at it 100mph now I'm going to do everything I possibly can to be proud of my life when I look back in 15-20 years and I also when my parents die for them not to worry for me for them to know I'm alrite and for them to be proud when they pass. I want to be one of those people we always hear saying I came from here if I can do it so can you! I always said bulls*it every time I heard that but when you get a certain age and start really thinking of your life seriously you have a different mind set start getting anxiety about stuff but I'm going to try to do some stuff different and hopefully won't be in the same spot reading this post I put years from now feeling like a dumbass. Everyone wish me luck!! Good luck and god bless everyone else be safe

Omg lol Albuquerque isn't only full of gangster girls lolol! You're probably in the wrong part of town :P . I hate not knowing. It's funny, I found a quote on tumblr (sry don't remember who even said it but) "nothing will ruin your 20's more than thinking you should have your life together already"

I wish I was just 22 and felt your way. Instead, I'm 39 with the same issues - minus the wife, kids and degrees. I made the mistake of listening to other people when I was younger and ended up going to business school. I received a bachelor's degree in Marketing and a master's degree in Management. You would think that after all that time, and student loan debt, that I would be a vice-president of some small to mid-size company by now. That didn't happen. The furthest I got with my business degrees was store manager for a retail pharmacy. I had no personal life, because I was working all the time, and my kids hardly knew me for lack of being there for them. <br />
I have since re-invented myself twice. I started with the idea that maybe I should become a teacher. This would give me the weekends off, plus the summers, and definitely give me more time with my family. I ended up becoming a teacher, and was one for 4 years. I realized during this time that I wasn't cut out for mentoring hundreds, if not thousands of kids.<br />
I ruptured a disc in my back a few years ago and had to have surgery. While I was recovery from surgery, I had an epiphany, if you will, to go back to school and get yet another degree. My degree major this time was in Management Information Systems. I always had some sort of interest working with computers/technology over the years, so I thought this made the most sense. I have since graduated with my third degree and tacked on another thirty thousand dollars in debt. I do have a technology related job, but it is one that will never have opportunities for advancement. I'm tossing around the idea of acquiring a certification from Cisco. Adding this to the certifications I already have would hopefully make me more marketable to potential employers, but anyone familiar with this company knows that this isn't a certification that you can obtain overnight. The test you have to take to get certified are not cheap either.<br />
I am constantly looking back on my life, up to this point, and wonder what exactly have I accomplished with it. Don't get me wrong, I am truly blessed for the things I have in my life, and thank the good Lord for these blessings - from an individualistic standpoint though I just feel I have missed out on the reason why I'm here and what I'm supposed to be.<br />
I try to keep myself busy, to take my mind off the empty feelings I have, but unfortunately they keep resurfacing for one reason or another. <br />
What I have to keep telling myself is, is that life is more than having an awesome job. It's not about trying to keep up with the Jones family, and it's not about how many friends you have. It's about being comfortable in your own skin. Whether that is accomplished through involving yourself with a church group or maintaining a healthy regimen of medication - keep after that goal and one day it will come.

"Modo Fac" (just do it). The one thing I remember from high school Latin. No matter what- I just keep going. I have my break downs---sometimes change is the consequence and sometimes not. But either way as long as I am doing something I am learning. I am learning what works for me and what does not. I have been the person alone not doing anything but wallowing in my own self pity/anxiety/depression/isolation. But i learned nothing in that space.
Allow urself to be open--- open to everything-weigh your options- and then if u notice u are saying no to everything- then say yes to the next- set reasonable goals. One day at a time.

It is your life. You get to live it however u wish. U will more than likely fail and be denied a lot. Yay! Guidence comes in strange ways- I hardly ever understand. Nor do I hardly know that what I am doing is what I want to do. But as one thing ends- another begins. But life is in ur hands and u have to begin something. Rather it's carrying that old lady's bags to her car or applying for school or a job u don't think ur qualified for.
I did what people said. I went college took on a load- did my best. Volunteered. Worked. Became apart of organizations. But during that time i was miserable. I was loaded on pills and had no interest in a direction. But then someone suggested I ride with them to where they used to work. For some odd reason I said yes. I left with a summer job and never been the same.
Whatever u do- u are apart of this society. And as much as some of us disagree with it- we got create the change from within it.

To start: spend a ridiculously long night staring at the stars.
Jump from a semi-safe cliff into a deep body of water.

Tell urself everyday u are beautiful and so is this world.

Wake up: walk out side and say yes.
Before bed: walk outside and say thank you.

Talk to random people. They feel as awkward as u.

Now, I take baby steps. Nothing is forever. I don't overload myself but I add a reasonable thing one at a time. I learn to manage that one thing and then go from there. I don't allow myself to sit down and chill until the day is done. And I may not know what I want to do as a job. But I've learned who I want to be as an individual. And that is priceless.
Thanks to all the people and places in this world.

I feel the same way due to a number of things.. I graduated high school wanting to be a cosmetologist. Worst idea ever 22 grand for getting terrible education on something that I'm never going to use in life.. I finished school and moved In with my boyfriend at the time he had four kids and I found out he was married he cheated always threatened me all I cared about was being with him i felt no one else cared about me so I needed him i was so lost in trying to keep someone who could care less about me I ended up wasting all this time and now I'm just realizing what's next ? Where do I go from here? I don't have a good job and I don't even know how to drive I have no friends and I have no clue what to go to school for if I decided to try and I feel I have no one to talk to I have no friends and I feel I have nothing to look forward to in life I don't see why I was put here I haven't accomplished anything and I don't know who to go to I feel so lonely and I feel like a failure others insist on me doing a medical program or going to school for something they want and I want something I like but I have no talents and feel like I wouldn't even be able to make in through college and get a degree even if I knew what I wanted to do I've wasted 4 years away and barely realized I haven't done sh*t with my life I feel like a loser and just won't ever amount to anything I feel like there's nothing left for me I feel I need to speak to someone but I don't know who

Hello. You can speak to me :) Speak it all out. It's Okay if you don't want to provide any personal information. Just speak it out. You'll feel a lot better.

Hi, I know maybe i am too late to reply you but just came to your post via google (i literally typed exact same sentence as yours in a search bar and it let me to this thread). I am currently 20 almost sucidal..why? well no not because of bf or any silly **** (trust me, I am way more mature than my age) its just that I DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT IN LIFE ANYMORE. i remember i used to laugh used to dream used to work hard, good grades and all but i just dont see a point of all this NOW. My elder brother is in his early 30s successful and all..he targets me all the time saying you are so dumb how can you be that stupid you will never do anything with your life.

WOW... i feel Exactly the same... but i keep getting told to do a two year medical program. but... i cant see me being happy at All by doing something i dont enjoy for the rest of my life... and m family just doesnt understand that. They see it as a fast track job and secure and good money. :/ i dont know what to do...

You don't have to know what you are to become. Just start with the purpose of determining what you are not. Once you know all the things you no longer agree to do, you will discover what you want to once you find your joy. It doesnt find you. You have to be commited toturning off the limited beliefs and turning on possibility. Start by the right attitude and let the rest evolve until you collect more knowledge of yourself. Good luck!!!

Well I'm 20 years old and I don't know ow what to do with my life, I tried college and failed because I was pushed into it, I don't know much about tools, cars, or anything a normal man should. I feel like such a failure to myself and my parents. All I have right now is a job at a bakery with minimum wage, I don't have any direction and it makes me feel useless and depressed.

I can say I am in the same boat. Although I am about to be 30 this year. I still have no main goal. I also felt the same way about getting a degree in healthcare administration, and while I did start I am second guessing my decision. It is not that I don't follow things all the way though. I just lose interest very quickly. I just am not sure what I am really interested in. I don't know what my passion in...

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