Im Confused

Im new on here and have no idea what im says somepeople ae online and then when u send a message it says theyr either mental or confused lol...can anyone give me some useful advise
Kuri786 Kuri786
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ok as in now it states that ur online but when i go n dat meeb thing it shows tat ur ofline i dnt get it?

EP and meebo are 2 independent things. One may be online on EP, but offline on meebo because one has to sign into meebo to use it and/or appear online. A lot of people here don't use meebo, they just use the message system on EP. Let me know if you have any more questions :)

but whenever i come on i automaticly get signed in?

mines already enabled its others that i cant twk 2 its shows dat they are online, meanin dat green little icon bes at the side of their name but on the private chat thing they dnt b online

Its because they haven't enabled meebo chat on their profile settings.

oh ok.... so im not going mental then lol 4t i was loosing it 4 a minute there

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tell me in detail ....i'll help u......:)