Round And Round I Go

I read a paragraph of the technical papers,

I write a line on EP,

I write a line of program,

I read a story on EP,

I check my program,

I read a comment,

How can I concentrate?

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
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18 Responses Mar 6, 2010

@ Roj: Diet is a four letter word, I never diet.<br />
<br />
The fairy dust does work, I hope she has more

Hey, LV! You're working like I do... I may need a sack of Sylph's fairy dust too!<br />
<br />
What ever happened to that EP diet?

@ Sylph: thank you,

Eleven!!! Oh my........ you need a whole sack of fairy dust then! LOL<br />
<br />
*Sylph is dragging a sack of fairy dust from Faerieland supply room*

@ Sylph: it worked for me, I finished the first part of my project, 11 to go!

Too cute.......hope it was indeed the fairy dust! =)

@ Sylph: thanks, I feel I have accomplished something already!<br />
<br />
*Goes back to the papers and flow charts*

It will work, LV...but try going back to the documents again after reading this. LOL<br />
<br />
*Sylph still sprinkling fairy dust*

@ ageing thinker: I think I am going to try that one, sounds practical, thank you for the great suggestion<br />
<br />
@ sylph: Please do. I hope the magic works for me as well,

@ Artsy designs: exactly how I feel, and why I try to multitask

I feel you on this one, LV. Last January, I had to finish 3 homework for technical writing. Drove me nuts reading and writing technical docs while being on EP. I even tried it with Smirnoff...didn't help. Took me almost a week to finish the three tasks...but in the end, I got a good grade...and I never missed EP. Somehow, it will magically work itself out. ;)<br />
<br />
Maybe give you some of my fairy dust...<br />
*Sylph sprinkles fairy dust to LV*

I'm also a mono-tasking male, preferingto focus on one thing at a time. But after about 40-50 minutes of concentration, what better relaxation than EP.<br />
I'm finding that EP appeals to those parts of my brain which must lay dormant while I solve technical issues - emotion, love, empathy.

@ free: well spoken, I should do that as well<br />
<br />
@ frito: It will work, but I will be bored to death! I can't stop EPing<br />
<br />
Thank you for the great suggestions

Hi LV...I find it so stressful to multi-task still sometimes I have too...such as work.<br />
I'm sorry LV. It you don't have to maybe cutting back on the multi-tasking will work for you.

I find that by concentrating on just one thing at a time and completing it, I get more things done than by doing several things at once. By multitasking, I sought of lose my train of thought and It takes me a second longer to think about what I have done.

@ Paco: I should switch to mono as well.<br />
<br />
I am getting old,

Sorry LV. I myself have been "mono tasking" for a long time now. Multi tasking left a long time ago. <br />

@ Pablo Honey: so true, I should add I am really bad at multitasking, I should leave that to Microsoft and stick to EP!