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What's My Purpose?

I was always told my purpose was to be beaten for not being a boy.
My purpose was to respect the "man"
To serve him as he should be as a "king".
To not scream, yell or shout
And do as I was ordered
To never tell what was going on
To hide all of the cuts and scars
To never give my opinion on any subject
Or ever speak for that matter
To show fear not anger
Nor tears or joy
To never go out and play
Or walk out of the house
Or watch televison shows that would "influence me"
Reading books that were only approved by them
And listening to music only when he wasn't there

I don't think that's my purpose
But to tell you the truth
I don't know what it is

What's my purpose?

One of LifelessStar's last stories
InmemoryofLifelessStar InmemoryofLifelessStar 18-21, F 2 Responses Jan 8, 2012

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Get rid of what you're meant to believe, clear your mind and ask yourself what do I what to do in life? what is my purpose? what do i really want to do?

your purpose is up to you, it can be anything you want, i think your purpose is to be free and experience life the way you weren't given