I Don't See How People Live On This Planet.

from the moment i was born i always saw people around me playing roles on a show played out in my head. ive seen them all before and i know it sounds crazy but its the truth. their faces their voices their actions their ways, its all been seen before what in the hell is this and why the **** does anyone just stay here. it's so ******* stupid that we can't kill ourselves without critisim, and the only reason why this happens is the fact that everyone thinks life is so important. and it's not!! no ones life is important, Princess Diana, **** HER!!! one person, MLK,JFK, John Lenon, theyre all just one person famous people! what the hell. i hate people i hate life and this isnt a suicide not, god isnt real just another ******* santa claus lie. and i hope everyone dies fast and easy deaths, Quick!!
malex240 malex240
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

people are dicks but its no reason to hate and/or kill them all. people are only capable of doing what they know how to do. so when you see insanely asine behavior take solace in the fact that you know better and keep ya head up, it could always be worse