Enlistment Almost Done Now What?

Right now I am in Iraq wrapping up my final deployment into the country shortly after I return this time I will be leaving the military service due to the lack of Intelligence in the Intelligence field its not what i expected and I dont want to be involved anymore. Beyond that decision though my mind freezes, I have absolutly no idea where I am going. Money is no longer a concern in my life but happiness is. So my plan is to be freehand and just bounce along with the world. I know its dumb but untill I can come up with a plan I got nothing.
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2 Responses May 9, 2007

Yeah I am right there with you man. Its kinda sad I wrote that a few months back and now I am so excited I can not wait to get back and start a "normal" life :D <br />
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rock on <br />
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hey there. I think you should take as much time as you need to re-introduce back into (normal, for want of a better word) and just take things as they come. I am 40 and still dont know what Im going to do, I suppose I had better choose something soon before everything is taken! lol. Keep on bouncin'.........mojo