I could essentially do anything right now. I don't have much money, but I could save up. My depression keeps me close to home, but hopefully soon they will figure out my medication (after five years) and I'll be able to live on my own. I could move out to L.A. and waitress while interning as a makeup artist, I could go backpacking around south east Asia, I could do a work study at a meditation camp, I could work for a presidential candidate, I could go to college, or I could sit at home and watch TV. I know I want to write, and I know I want to go to school at some point. I know I want to travel, but only when my mental health is better. I know I want to meet people. I also know I like dogs.

I have no idea what to do, or even if I can actually pull it off. I've done the impossible before, but it's so hard. I feel very much alone because no one else can make the decision for me. There's so much fear of failure and despair. I'm afraid that I'll be too afraid to step out into the world, and yet I will and I will soon. I can do anything, but being able to do something and doing it are two very different things.
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1 Response Jul 4, 2007

Just do it: Impossible is nothing! What's the worst that can happen? Life is Good! Have it your way! Do what tastes right! Full speed ahead! Life is short, stay awake for it! .................... ................................................... Probably the best lager in the world... Okay, the last one didn't fit very well. hahah :P ..... /// Digitally Yours, Wangie!