Do Something.

I know I need to find something I'm passionate about. Tragically, I've yet to encounter such a thing (that I can make money doing). The biggest problem is that I haven't had the opportunity to try many things, and consequently have no idea what the real world is like. There are things I think I would enjoy, or that I think I do enjoy, but I've had too few opportunities to actually try them. It's impossible to tell if I simply enjoy the novelty of these things, or if it's something I really have an interest in. What's more, I've no idea if I have the requisite skills to preform any of the previously mentioned things. Even if I did find that I liked, say, working in the travel/leisure industry, is that something I could do well enough to make a living at it? What about doing something with outdoors recreation? It seems like it would be loads of fun, but I've only ever been rafting, and even then I've only done it twice. Should I simply give up on finding something I'm passionate about and settle for something I don't loathe so much I resent waking up in the morning?

b1alasdair b1alasdair
18-21, M
Feb 17, 2010