Who Actually Has My Best Intrest At Heart?

Before I made anything of myself I trusted those I cared about. It didn't take long to grow out of that, or shorten that list. Still there were those I would trust with everything but my car or my wife. Even my best friend was liable to throw a rod in either one. Lol
After coming home from Iraq, I damn sure only trusted my brother and the Guy in the mirror. Truth be known, I trusted my brother more. Drs, family, acquaintances ( no actual friends anymore) they all wanted something, even if it was just a morbid story. Hell, my mother wanted the recognition in her ladies group, my wife wanted the attention from her family (you know, woe is me for my husband of course.) My brother only wanted me to be okay, in whatever form that might be postwar.
That has been 5 1/2 years and my wife is in denial, but she acts like she got the short end of life's stick because she has to care for me.(which, she doesn't have to most of the time and nowadays she's not doing much.) I try to praise her and be positive, but she's bitter now and I'm the cause. My doctors have to follow protocol at the VA, even when it goes against their judgment. I get a lot of, "you didn't hear this from me, but..." I understand, they've got bills to pay. So, everyone has their own agenda, as it should be to protect themselves and those they love. I just get frustrated that it's got to be that way nowadays. I'll help anyone I can and not expect anything. I won't lie, steal, or cheat. I've been told, probably rightly so, that that's the reason I'm not farther ahead in life.
So, the question stands. Who actually does have my best interests at heart?
CAnnesdad CAnnesdad
41-45, M
Sep 11, 2012