No Interest In Food, No Interest In Life

I have never being overly keen on food.  An insane family who insisted on

a) screaming at me during in meal times, and

b) removing the plate from in front of me if I tried to answer, meant that I was pretty much underfeed as a kid. 

Then when I finally got away from all that I ran into temporal lobe epilepsy.  Temporal lobe is weird, to say the least and I have weird variation of it.  At any given time, generally when I'm most enjoying a steak or whatever, my taste buds suddenly change, what was nice becomes the foulest most evil tasting substance I could imagine..  That's the end of food for that day, and sometimes for that week.

Then after my family spent 10 years threatening, and screaming and whatever else, they turned me back into a nervous wreck, I had no teeth left.  Took me six weeks (seriously) to get out the door simply to buy a toothbrush at one stage.  And that was enough for my insane mother to cut me out of her will..  (You weren't there when I rang ten minutes ago...)

My teeth were removed by a dentist, but not properly.  I still have an incredibly sore mouth, and I also have a dentist, and health service, that is refusing to take any notice of it..  I've five teeth, + two teeth left in gums, and of the five that I have left 3 of them are badly holed and should have being removed.  

The dentist refused, after my insane family bought into the mess again, to have anything to do with it so I am stuck with five unusable teeth in my mouth.  (The dentist claims "the scan shows nothing there is nothing wrong, it's just your insanity just as your kind hearted mother -She's 78 and senile- warned us'  I say that there's nothing that the scans pick up on..  Well do some more bloody scans..)

Depression, the epilepsy, and an unusable mouth..  It makes for a combination that is just short of lethal.  Add to that a total and complete lack of medical care..  Well you may get some idea..

I can't eat most of the time.  Most day's a survive on one or two biscuits.  I buy a take away chicken once every couple of weeks, it's soft enough to chew on, but even that gets thrown away more often than not.

It's a nightmare, and with depression, and insane neighbors, and an insane family who go out of their way to lie, scream, and do whatever else is necessary to keep me in my place (doing exactly what they tell me and calmly accepting that it's all my fault if their favorite politician makes an *** of themselves).



(About to try his second meal in the last ten days..)

Machis Machis
41-45, M
Mar 8, 2009