Food Holds No Pleasure For Me

For about the past 10 years, I have had no appetite at all.  I have to eat, obviously, but I never think, "Oh, some barbecued chicken would taste good!"  Eating is just another boring task that I have to perform, like doing laundry or dusting.  (Not that I do those things, but you get the point .)  I really miss enjoying food.  I used to cook quite a bit back when I cared what I ate, but now everything pretty much tastes the same, so I go for whatever requires the least thought--and that's usually something that isn't all that healthy.
Mandragora Mandragora
46-50, F
6 Responses Oct 4, 2007

Yes, me too. I have no interest in food or cooking. I never have an appitite and when I do its because now I'm starving. The thought of food turns my stomach and when I try to eat something I gage or throw up

I have the same problem. I see a bunch of people with this problem online and yet no solutions... of course it's a different reason for everyone. Some people can't eat because of depression. I'm not sure why I have no appetite most of the time, except late at night. I know that exercise helps me gain an appetite; when I sit around the house all day I have less of an appetite. I notice that most people are made happy by food, they get excited about it. This leads me to believe that some of us have an emotional detachment to food. Animals all have a tendency to want food all the time for survival purposes, because in the wild an animal would never know when it would be getting its next meal. As humans is our society, most of us have food available all the time, which is why many people have trouble controlling themselves and gain weight. We however, do not have this instinct for whatever reason. I wish I could participate in some sort of study about the brain for this.

Yeah, I can't stand cooking/eating (and I work as a cook)... it's just a huge pain in the ***, I would rather eat a slice of bread and a hunk of cheese right out of the fridge, then be bothered to cook a "meal"... I wish there was some kind of "Human Chow" a simple box of whatever that "has all I need". Eating an elaborate steak or turkey dinner gives me no more/less satisfaction... just takes 20x as long.

yeah! I also wish they would invent a pill that has like 350 calories or so, or different calorie amounts, so I wouldn't have to be bothered with eating at all except when I actually want to

That would be so good! What a good idea! :-)

Same here ..... food just doesn't interest me. I mean .. I get hungry .. but nothing sounds good, nothing sound appetizing. It's really quite depressing .. I'd really LIKE to enjoy food... I just don't.

Hah! Now why didn't I think of that?

yep,i get tired of eating to,mand some stuffs good but really when u eat all kinds of food your just like uh,youve had it all,only time i really enjoy food is when i smoke some jane