I Do Not Watch, Listen To, Talk About, Or Read About Sports.

If you enjoy  watching, listening to reading about and talking about sports, good for you. I do not. I think it is a complete waste of time. I would rather read, spend time with my wife, have sex, watch a movie, mow the lawn, exercise, or do anything else to occupy my time.


Who thought up these games?

Football. Two teams of men line up against each other and then they run into each other. Some men get hurt. Some permanently.

Basketball. Men or women who are taller than average run up and down a wooden court trying to put a ball through a hoop.

Baseball. Men use a piece of wood to hit a ball. Then they run to a pillow.

Nascar. Men driving in circles really fast. Sometimes there are crashes.

Only  a few people will ever compete in the major leagues. Most people just watch and get fat.

I have played golf and it was fun. Maybe someday I will play it again. I will never watch it on tv. It is a stupid game like all of the rest.

I bowl sometimes. It is fun. It is stupid. I will never watch it.

The unfortunate thing is that I do not have any friends. I think if I could make myself enjoy sports I might have more friends. I want to be true to myself. I do not want to do something just so I have friends.



steve824 steve824
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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

I'm not -quite- as against sports as you, but I totally feel you. Don't be Anikin Skywalker about this though. Sports has their redeeeming qualities. What you and I hate isn't that they like sports, but that they don't like what we like. I'm an ob<x>jectophile. Trust me... I know what -rejected- -feels like-.