am working in UAE

i am a man 23 years old 
am working for 11 hours in a day -8am to 6 pm - i wake up at 6am and i start to go work at 7am and i reach back to my room at 8 pm huuhhhh
am from india , i have just joined here as a assistant engineer , 
but i like to get some leisure time in my life ,,
in week 
there is 6 days is working day , most of people are working like a slave 
but we are not getting that much salary also !!!!
am getting only 500 $ in a month !!!!! its ok because am a beginer  am satisfiying by this becoz  
i need to get experience in my profession 
but i was like bird in my life 
i would not stay in a place , even i would not wait for consulting doctors also !!!!
but now am in fix 
i am losing my life here 
even i don't get time to sleep , i should wake up at 6.00 am 
where as i have aim in my life i need to go any western countries for work and live i don
becoz i heard , the western rules of work is so nice 
and i like their culture also 
basicly am from india , but we will not get this much salary in india 
becpz of the exchange rate , indian 12 in same to UAE 1 
so if i get 2500 UAE dirhams , it will be better for me  loll
and now am getting 2200 dirhams , 
now am trying to get money to go to any western countries 
so please pray for me 
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It doesn't make sense to me that you say you are working as an "assistant engineer" in the UAE yet you are getting $500, which if you convert to Emirati Dirhims it will be around AED 1800 not AED 2500 as you are saying! - I'm quite sure that an assistant engineer would for sure make more money than that! <br />
<br />
Plus, the UAE labor law states that you should be working for only 8 hours, of course we all get late at work, that's everywhere and in all countries, but don't tell me that the official company timing is to work for 11 hours and it is fine! That's illegal and I really wonder where do you work!!! <br />
<br />
Ps. the timing you have mentioned makes you work 10 not 11 hours!

2200 dirhams , <br />
in uae & said a slave <br />
Emmmmmmmmmm not fair at all

dear now am working in qatar ,, and getting 5500 riyals here now

i don't know what will happen in ma life <br />
whereas i expect something from my god <br />
i believe i can get some of my dreamzz<br />
i have been working for so <br />
it should be true <br />
like there is a saying " nothing impossible in this world "<br />
so i believe this

Good luck...<br />
you remind me of my country, we work 8 hours here officially but to get the job done you work all the time and, pay is like you say<br />
Maybe you can cut the cost by getting a university scholarship in a western country, if you have some work experience they will let you study and you can work separately as something like pizza delivery than after you finish you can get a job there in the studies feald, so you skip the "I have to make money in the worst place to make money" phase.<br />
I'd do that but i have other issues that i cant overcome.