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Absolutely No Life!!

Today I awoke at noon. However, I really just wanted to die and not be awake at all. So I drank half a bottle of cough syrup and slept until about 4:30. I do not work, and it is extremely hard for me to leave the house. On Monday I went out to dinner and drinking with a friend(this RARELY happens) I met and slept with a man I met at the bar (****** up, I know)....Today he text me and asked me out for a date on Friday. I am very fearful to check my phone or emails or anything so I had to have my mother read me the text message. I made plans with him because I have a hard time saying no. However, I do not think I will go through with the plans. My days consist of sleeping as much as possible, then spend the rest of the day on the internet or watching TV. This is getting bad!!!
walkingon walkingon 22-25 2 Responses Aug 8, 2012

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i do not imagine about your situation sounds like worse situation but always remember that every situation can solve in our life if we have desire to solve it and some person dot try to solve it and generally go to be mad or try to die and some person solve it bravely just wanna say that life plays us as game and we are pla<x>yer in this life so you just try to face your worse situation if u cant face then help people, there are lot a people to help you just find good people around of you then you will meet so dot think that you are alone in this and nobody can help you. just get enjoy in this life with watching hurting moment or even good moment and what u make your life it depends upon you

I think you may being to hard on yourself, sounds like you have a lot of guilt and unforgiveness toward yourself. What is wrong with sleeping with someone you just met unless you've trained yourself to believe it is wrong. There are alot of people who do that and they feel ok with it. If that is what you desire that is ok. There is not just one truth ,One Path there are many, thinking there is only one path gives you a narrow view on things. I really did not know what to say about your situation or how you said you were feeling, I was not going to say anything cause I don't know what to say really, I just wished I could say something to let you know you are not alone in the world. I think some people simply get by because there is one thing in there life that they love, Some get joy singing because there are so many lovely songs that are really upbeat and get there good emotions going, some people love to dance. There are a lot of things to do. I don't really know your situation I just wanted to say hang in there. Sometimes when I'm trying to get my head around a situation I listen to Abraham Hicks, you can check her out on Youtube , you might like her

Hey, thanks! That is really refreshing to hear. I often feel the same way, that there is no "right" path but was great to hear from someone else. You really made my day. Also, I used to be really into Abraham Hicks, I could use a refresher...thanks for the advice!