Since the Age of 11

Three of my grandparents died within nine months of each other when I was aged 7 to 8.  My paternal grandmother died of a brain tumour in September, my maternal grandfather then died the following March of lung cancer and my paternal grandfather died in that June of a sudden heart attack, whist mid sentence in a business deal.

Both grandfathers ended their lives requesting the love of their lives, my maternal grandfathr's last words were a request for a cigarette and my paternal's last words were telling his customer that the price he offered was too low, so he was requesting more money.

My paternal grandmother, who had lived as an atheist in her final moments found her faith in Christianity, which then lead to a major rift between my father and paternal grandfather in his latter months as he disapproved that my grandmother had found peace of mind in her final days and blamed my father for bringing a clergyman into the house.

My maternal grandmother then died when i was aged 11.  She was placed in a home when i was 7, suffering from Alzheimer's and for four years was unable to speak, recognise anyone or feed herself, she declined to she was four stone and then died of pneumonia.  The day before she died she gained back her memory, talking for the first time in four years and referring to us all by name.

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Wow, that is quite something. I do not have any living grandparents either.<BR>My maternal grandfather died from a heart attack when I was 12, paternal grandfather died when my father was just 13, so I never met him or knew him.<BR>My paternal grandmother died from a stroke when I was 25, my maternal grandmother died 8 years ago, from old age. She was 93 when she died in a home. We could not look after her anymore, she was bedridden. She left me her beautiful gold locket, and her wedding ring. They had to cut the ring from her finger as she had never taken it off since her marriage to my grandfather. When I was little she always promised me these two items. She also asked that I would be a pallbearer at her funeral, which I kept my word on.<BR>Today, people live a bit longer due to medical improvements and early detection of diseases. Perhaps your children will be luckier.....