If It Weren't For My Father And Sons...

I'd have a handyman here every twenty minutes, I swear.
Even something as simple as the installation of a brand-new bedroom door baffles me; I started, well, trying to get the project completed and was immediately overwhelmed. 
Now, I'm not an intellectual slouch; I'm no genius, but score well above average; I can manage a s***-ton of data using only Excel...contract genesis and execution is no sweat... basically anything that requires management of data and/or personnel, I'm your Huckleberry. 
Then there's the rest of life, and it completely baffles me. 
Fortunately, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that I know how to change a tire as I didn't really believe that I had it in me. Necessity is a powerful motivator. 
Too bad that's not always the case, though. 
Oh well; each of us has strengths and weaknesses. Carpentry... well, it's not a forte for me. 
Thank God for those folks in the world who DO have a knack for building things, otherwise we'd have no sound buildings or roads... or doors on bedrooms. 
afreimann afreimann
41-45, F
Jan 20, 2013