My name is "WynHaven" and I have no mind of my own......

I have been on this earth for 37 years now & have NEVER given my true opinion of anything. I make myself become whatever the other person (be it family, friends, or lovers) wants me to be. I never "rock the boat", always give in, & never disagree with someone's opinion (at least not out loud).

EP has helped a little, but I feel the fear taking over, so I suspect that I will be quietly fading away soon. I am trying to hold on & I want to say that I admire so many of the women on this site. I admire the men too, but I feel more connected to the women. I mean men are suppose to assertive & "manly", right? Weird, I actually like men who are more sensitive & kind. lol

Fungirlmmm, Marji, WinterMountain, Mehonestly, TendereyesPrincess, DorothyOfOz, Vayda, Flourlady111, & AnalyticalAly..... Just to name a few. There are others of course, some are in my circle & others I've noticed while visiting stories. I wish I were more like these women here. I applaud them all, & want every woman on here to know how special & wonderful I think they are. You have no idea how much you inspire me. I love you all

With love, blessings, & Oodles of hugs,

  Teri xxxooo

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

awe this is so sweet thank you. you are a kind soul!