I Intend To Have An Entire Library Room

I have a bookcase with books stacked rather than upright as well as a couple of draws full and two boxes in the garage. I have been culling some after I read them because otherwise it would get a bit much.
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3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

I also am a book lover. I read non-fiction christian books. As I read them, I underline the meaty parts and type of a compilation and place it in a notebook entitled "Books I Have Read". I share these typed compilations with my email buddies, and make copies for my sunday school class. Afterwards, I donate the book to the homeless shelter, union mission, neighborhood chrisitian center, etc. I still have a lot of books piled up that I haven't read yet. I am in my sixties and even if I culled the books that I didn't find helpful and kept only the others; my whole house could not contain them all. I like to share and encourage others.

I know that feeling, i'm getting some new book shelves built so i can organize my collection again

There's nothing sadder than giving books away. I'm in need of a new book-shelf because I'm starting to stack mine as well :(