Too Many Books!

I freakin LOVE books! I usually go out to the stores and buy them (which I find fun) but lately my mothers coworker has been giving me all her sisters books that she doesn't want anymore and I have run out of places to put them! I'm the type of person to read a book and keep it forever. My mom tries to convince me to give the books I have away but I just can't part with them. To me, asking to give away my books when I'm done is like asking someone who just bought a dvd to give it away when they were done watching it which makes absolutely no sense! lol. My room is small so I have no space for a bookcase which reallyyyy sucks! I have the books I already read on a shelf on the wall and in a storage bin which I would usually have under my bed but since my bed broke, and it's now on the floor, the bin is out in the open. I also have books in drawers and stacked up randomly against my wall and on my nightstand. My mother calls me a book hoarder but hey what can I say? I LOVE my books :D
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1 Response Sep 11, 2011

I know what you mean. I don't know if non- book lovers can ever really understand how comforting it is for us book lovers to have our books nearby. I don't like to give away the books I've read either but I will lend them out if I trust the person. I also often give books as gifts and recommend books, including here on EP. I once held a garage sale of my books but when people came up with their purchases I couldn't go through with it. I called the sale off.

yea its so hard to part with them. for me every book has a memory attached to it. whether it be the time i was reading it, where i was reading it and so on. I also like to reread a lot of them so giving them away is huge no no for me lol