17 Bookcases & Mountains On Floor

I decided to invest in a kindle, I borrowed one from the library and after 2 weks they had to *strong-arm* me to get it back.

Now I have 244 books stored on a device which is smaller in width than the average paperback book.

It fits neatly into my handbag and I can pull it out and skim through my library when waiting in a queque or waiting room. I am selling most of my paper books on ebay and replacing loved books with digital copies.

Added bonus, something Andrew Penny pointed out to me, the kindle has a feature suited for those who use reading glasses, you can turn any book into a LARGE PRINT book with the flick of a button. Yes ! That's for me
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I, too, have a kindle... right now it has a little over 1400 books on it. I also have about 250 actual books in my house that I haven't read yet .. and probably another 300 that I have read and haven't gotten rid of. I have one whole bookcase full of books that I love to read again and again.. or they're signed by the authors. I belong to an online book swap, where everyone pays their own postage. In actuality, I don't spend much for all the books. I love to read, I love to own books, and I love my kindle.

Also love the idea of an online book swap for my hard copies....how do I join?

sign up at paperbackswap.com. It is free to sign up. Then you list some books that you wouldn't mind letting go to a new home. I can't remember now, but I think you automatically get 3 credits for the 1st 10 books you list. With those 3 credits, you can go shopping for whatever you are interested in. When someone wants one of your books, you will receive an email .. then you go to your account and accept the request. You pay your own postage to mail out the book. You get a credit for every book that you send out. Works the same way in reverse, when you want a book. The owner will receive an email. Once you receive that book, you will go to your account and mark it as received so they will receive a credit. I've been a member for over 5 years and I love it! I do believe you can take a look around before signing up. If they ask for a referral .. you can use my name... Linda Strong. You may get an extra credit for that ... or maybe I do. It's been a long time since I first signed in. Let me know what you think when you go browsing. :-)

Forgot to mention.. you can get paperbacks, hardbacks, audiobooks, large print books, etc. They have just about everything available. You even get a wish list to list the books you are looking for. If one of them gets listed by someone else, it will automatically go to your account for your acceptance.

Sounds like a good deal all around. Congratulations!<br />