Just Can't Help Myself

I don't know what it is about books, I just love having them. I will happily spend ours in the library but then I'll go home and buy the same books on Amazon just so I can have my own copy, tragic huh?

Now I have so many I don't know where to start putting them, my bookcase is overflowing and and that's only half of my books. I could never get rid of them though, once I've read a book I'm likely to go back and re-read it.

I'm glad I found this group :)
superhans91 superhans91
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6 Responses May 11, 2012

I get how you feel. I love reading for entertainment. It's too bad borders closed, because I could have just returned them after reading ;)

i also like to re-read my books and...how many books do you have? :D

I have this problem too and no time to read them either. But i think of it as a good probelm to have.

Yeah, I'm a lot like you. I've been urged to go with Kindle or Nook and I suppose I will do something like that some day, but it's just not the same. I like owning and reading books the old-fashioned way. I suppose there are much worse things to hoard or be addicted to. Still, I fully expect to see both of us on one of those "hoarders" shows one of these days, lol.

...Me too I can spend hours in the library sometimes reading, sometimes just wandering around, looking at books, is so peaceful sometimes just to put your stress away and sit and enjoy a good magazine or book...

So what are you reading at the moment?