Loads Of Them!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have approx 9, 000 books, yes NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have loved books all my life since very little when mum always read to me.
I think I have an addiction.
I get headaches valiantly trying to keep all tidy but how can you as you can only have so many shelves and book cases, then they have to go in boxes, or stacked up which I dont like, got most triple stacked on the bookcases now, its THAT bad.
People say well put some out, but its not that easy, as Its very hard for me to get rid of books once have them.
Of course I do some, which weren't what I thought they would be or definitley dont wish to read again, these go to the charity shops, but for the majority I keep them and keep buying.
Most are 2nd hand and cheap so not as though I am bankrupting myself with this, but is it an addciction or just a love/hobby/interest?

Love to hear from you, this is my 1st post here. xx
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