Enough Books to Open a Bookstore

I have over 3,500 books in my personal library. Some valued at over $1,000 that I got for a lot less. Many out of print and covering everything from art to zoology. It's nothing for me to spend $500 a month on books, all year long.

Until I moved, I was the number one customer at Page After Page bookstore in Elizabeth City, N. Carolina. And as soon as I get settled, I have my first order ready to go.  If I had one continuous bookcase, it would have to be at least 21 feet long and 6 feet high. And that's jamming it full.

The only problem I have is who to leave them to when my time comes. My local library acted like it was an inconvenience to them. And I have no heirs that I would trust them to.

I've never read a book I didn't buy, and never bought a book I didn't read.

lol...Any suggestions would definitely be appreciated.

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There are lots of charities that take books<br />
Plenty of people willing to take them on websites like bookmooch.com and the points you make can be donated to the book charities on the website<br />
I wish I had enough space to store lots of books but I only have a small bookshelf :(

I wish I was there to look through your books. My daughter in law is packing my things in Windhoek as we moved to Walvis Bay 4 months ago, and she is very disgusted and says she had to pack 14 boxes of books alone. Yes books. When I grew up, it was on a farm, there was no TV or such luxuries but books we had plenty. We are Afrikaans speaking but we had only English books from the Holocast to fiction to non-fiction and all those I inherited from my parents. My father loved Louis La'More cowboy books and I have loads of them. My mother loved war stories or anything about Hitler or just any nice book like Daniel Steele. I love books of Wilbur Smith, Andre P Brink and all like them but please!!! no love stories.<br />
<br />
When my Father in law died the children had an auction at the house buying what they wanted most and nobody seemed interested in the books. Me, not being an child of him saw nobody wanted the books and I asked whether I could have them. They were too glad to give them to me for which I am thankful. Books are the windows to the world.

Is there a local animal rescue group who would agree to sell them for you after you pass away (eons from now, I hope!) so they could keep the profits? When my mom died I sold some of her things at a big garage sale and donated the profits to her favorite cancer charity. And I've raised funds for the dog rescue nonprofits I work at by holding bake sales, car washes, and auctions. So it makes sense to me that someone at a dog rescue group would be more than willing to put in a bit of work selling your book collection if they could make some much needed funding for their group. Just a thought!

Hospitals have great book programs...<br />
<br />
It warms this flowers heart to see caring people

Collectors.. sell them on E-bay or Amazon.........<br />
There are lots of people that would be interested in your books.

Local library or Reading Room. <br />
<br />
i too have many books, not as many as you. There are just some books one MUST have for always.

Hi!<BR><BR>I work in a high school library and the problem with accepting books is that they have to fit in with the curriculum that is being taught at that school. Libraries only have so much room on their shelves and we are constantly purchasing new books and best sellers so we are also constantly weeding!<BR><BR>I don't think 55 is old so I would not worry about who to give them to! :)<BR><BR>Unfortunately people don't value books as much as they used to! I would give them to a church library or a library with no budget! But please be warned once they are out of your hands you have no control what a library does with them. We only keep about 20 % of non fiction and 40% of fiction. If they smell of smoke or are yellowed by age we toss them unless they are of historic value!

Maybe you could leave them to some kind of literacy program or maybe a college or university. I love to read, but only keep my books so long. I pass them on to friends and family or I donate them to our local library fund raiser. Another suggestion might be a local high school. I wish I could see your collection.