And I Just Bought More.

I have no place in my room to keep all my books so they don't get stepped on or damaged in any other way. I don't even think I have that many but I can't seem to have room for them all, and of course I bought like six more! I can't help it, when ever I enter a book store I have to leave with at least one book.

You know tell me if this is too many books:

"Pretty Little Things" (still reading)

"The Scandal of the Season" (not read yet)

"The Long Road Out of Hell" (still reading)

"Dreams Made Flesh" (still reading)

"Tangled Webs" (not read yet, new one)

 "Warrior" (not read yet)

"The Reach" ( not read yet)

"Nightmares and Dreamscapes" (not read yet)

"Everything's Eventual" (still reading)

"Snapped" (not read yet, new)

"Girlbomb" (not read yet)

"Two truths and a Lie" (not read yet, new)

"The Gates" (not read yet, new)"

The Poe Shadow" (still reading)

"The Summoning" (not read yet)

"Memoires of a Geisha" (read)

"The Invisable Ring" (not read yet)

"Bad Love" (not read yet)

"Practical Demon Keeping" (not read yet)

"The Lake of Dead Languages" (not finished reading)

"The Sacred Book of the werewolf" (not read yet)

"Teach Me" (not finished)

"The Host" (started reading)

"The Black Jewels trilogy" (read all three)

"Sticky Fingers" (read)

""Schools Out" (read)

"Fat Chance" (read)

"The Next Thing on My List" (read)

"Candy Girl" (read)

"Pendragon: Merchant of Death and Lost City of Fear" (read both)

Almost Lost" (never finished reading)

"Treacherous Love" (read)


“Annie’s Baby” (read)

“The Great Gatsby” (read)

“The Things They Carried” (read)

“Metamorphoses” (reading)

“The Turn of the Screw” (read)

“Frankenstein” (read)

“Dracula” (sadly never finished)

“The Silver Kiss” (read)

“Tithe, Valiant, Ironside” (Read all three)

“The Catcher in the Rye” (read)

“Chasing Windmills” (read)

“Cathy’s Book” (read)

“The Harmony Silk Factory” (not read yet)

“Shoe Addicts Anonymous, Secrets of a Shoe Addict” (read and loved both)

“The Twilight series” (read all four, DON’T JUDGE ME!)

“Candy, Lucas, The Road of the Dead, and Kissing the Rain” (read all)

“A Dirty Job, Bloodsucking Fiends, and You Suck” (read ‘em all and loved ‘em)

Also have a collection of Poe poems, sonnest, and stories.

These are all the books I have in my possesion and I can't find room for them, WTF!

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2010

both are great ideas but I'm very picky about books. I take my time with time and have gotten in trouble with librarys for late re-turns, I hate used books...son't ask why 'cause that goes into a long and slightly twised story. I never read a book twice but I like haveing them around in my possesion because alot of time I like to refference certain ones. And as far as things like Kindle...ahhh...that is a good idea that would save a lot of space but I can never abondon actual print.

If you can buy a Kindle, With a Kindle you can try part of a book for free and get free books. Try and save for one or look into something like that. I know they cost a lot, this is just an idea.

Rather than impulsively spend money for a book, I write down the title and author and check it out at the library first. If I like it enough, I then buy it. I learned to do that to avoid spending my hard earned money for a book only to find I didn't really like it. I also buy bargain books, trade with people, buy from garage sales & library bookstores. I have two 6 foot tall book cases full and several stacks of books on my closet floor and shelves, all begging to be read. In December I also had about 25 books checked out of the library at one time. I returned all library books and have vowed to not do that again. I am also committing to finishing the books I've started (I usually have 4 or 5 I'm reading at the same time) and trying to narrow my reading to 2 at a time. I've started taking more books off my shelves to read and then I will donate them to the library and slowly clear my shelves. I love reading, but I think I need to spend more time actively living my life. "Doing" more than reading. I do treat myself to a book from Barnes & Noble occasionally, but I treat it as a guilty pleasure along with the starbucks coffee...mmmm. Good luck with your book addiction.