Not Exactly...

I mean, I do have room for more books. It's not like I'm a floor to ceiling hoarder that has so much stuff in their place that they have to sleep curled up in a ball in their bathtub. However, premium shelf space with which to store said books is becoming more and more scarce. I've gotten into a bad habit of continuously buying books and not reading them right away. You see, I love going to and browse through bookstores and usually pick one or two books up at the time. I have full intentions of reading them, but as usual, life gets in the way and they just sit there while I continue to buy. I have quite a collection building up, from ancient classics to European history to 20th century fiction. I've promised myself that I may purchase no more books until I have read every single book that I have not read yet. Might work...oh, who in the hell am I kidding? :P

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2010

I hear you on the home library thing. I do have a dedicated office where I do have most of my books, but I may want to get something a little bigger the next place I get. At this point I may have to just close my eyes and randomly pick one to start reading. I don't know if I have a set number in my mind as to the number of books to read, I was probably just going to start with whatever and see how many I can get through one after the other.

Yeah, I've also been given a lot of gift cards to book stores over the past months and years and they continue to sit in my wallet as I've tried to reign in my book buying a little in the last while. I'm thinking of reorganizing them this month and buying a couple of new bookshelves. I might try to make an effort to start just selecting one and reading it and then the next, etc. Kind of a New Years resolution. It might work or it might not. :)

Very true Maxie. So many books, so little time. Damn you Amazon! *shakes fist*. Lol!

True. Still, I've always craved knowledge and seek it out, yet am coming to the realization that my thirst for it outweighs my brain's ability to quench it. I'll still keep buying books, though! Lol!