It's More Like My Books Have No More Room For Me.

I think my books are conspiring to take over room by room and have a good start in each.  I love books.  I surround myself with books; I have filled bookshelves, stacks on floors, and closet shelves. I carry one with me always.  I've vowed to start reading the ones I've got and then donate them (except the ones I reeeaaalllly love) until I get them under control.  I've started reading the thin ones and one thick one at a time. Although I usually read 2-5, I'm trying to narrow it down to reading only two at the same time so I can finish them faster, because I want to read them all. I'm attempting not to bring more in than I take out, sometimes succeeding. I guess this is my vice. As vices go...I could have a worse one...still anything in excess is not good; so this is the year I'm trying to reverse my tendencies, or change a habit. This is only one of several habits I'm working on.  Wish me luck!

Kalena09 Kalena09
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4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

I almost never get rid of a book, and I bring in and read 5-6 a month, so my collection is growing by leaps and bounds as well. I have over 1000 books on the shelf at home.

i love reading myself.i do it mostly on my kindle these days.just got through reading "the damned & the beautiful" by f scott fitzgerald & am now reading "personal" by lee child.what are you reading at the moment?

Lol ... you sound just like me . I have a pile waiting to take to a charity shop. I dont really want get rid of them but feel greedy surrounded by so many wonderful books.

an admirable goal for the year, good luck with that. i'm working on clearing my shelves some too. between my Fiance and myself our books have taken over 2 bedrooms of a 3 bedroom house. so i understand the feeling. i've been trying to clear out some of mine that i'm never going to read again or bought on a whim and never will read. i've been going to the local used books store and selling mine back. i've put a good dent in my student loans with the money that's generated.