Where Is It?

Let me start off by saying that I love life. Sometimes it can be unbearably lonely, but all in all, I'd rather be here than the other side. Like everyone else, I do have goals and dreams, but my preoccupation with death makes me wonder. If we're just going to die, what's the point to anything? It's incredibly hard to find too much joy in anything knowing that you're going to be cold and immobile in a box one day. People always say that they won't die if their memory lives on, well, the people's who's memories you've cemented yourself in are also going to die, so how does that work? I'm not even motivated by money! Of course I have to eat and live, but I find that whatever I need always seems to come in time. I suppose that's why I make significantly less than the minimal effort at work. The only thing that could possibly motivate me is finding true love and a fun job that pays me to watch tv and drink beer. Here's hoping!
CrushedDandyLioness CrushedDandyLioness
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1 Response May 9, 2012

You are a child of God. And if you master the art of Love, you will be elevated, after death, to the status of godling! Angels will bow before you and you will have the Universe and Love at your fingertips. And if you say it's all a fairytale, I say you should at least cherish the notion that ETs be watching, and they may have the technology to remotely preserve human minds. After all, we already have the ability to clone people. All that is needed for an afterlife is a vessel for a mind. If any ETs are watching, they would surely want to preserve some minds (not all) from turning into dust. And no rational atheist can say there are no ETs given the vastness of the universe and our own existence. The only problem with ETs is that there's no concrete proof of their existence. Just like God!

I'm hoping to God that there are ETs! :)