When I graduated high school, my one goal was to eventually get my doctorate in psychology. I am now in my second year of community college, and though I still have the same goal, I am completely unmotivated when it comes to doing the work neccessary to get my associates degree.

Considering this is something I want, my complete lack of motivation and will-power to get things done confuses me. I mean, what happened to make me so...un-enthusiastic? I was never like this, and then all of a sudden it hit me, and now I never want to do anything.

This is getting out of control, honestly, and I hope I manage to find something to re-motivate me soon.
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What is it about psychology that inspires you?

Hey there... same thing happened to me... except that I'm now in my 5th and last year, and working on my master degree. I'm currently unmotivated to, while I really like the studies I chose!
I noticed that once "home", all the motivation I gain during the day, at school, or in the streets, or libraries, evaporates! I feel tired, all I want is to relax, sit on my bed, and watch something that keeps me from thinking.
As long as I stay outside, I'm motivated. Once I'm home (I live on my own), I even completely forget what to do... So maybe a solution is to study outside your home, and meet people who share your passion (psychology).

wish there was a pill for motivation someone would get mighty rich if it was possible to invent.