I have so many great ideas, and so many opportunities to make my life better but I have no motivation to follow through with anything. I tried my hand with direct sales with a team I guaranteed success, and I couldn't even motivate myself to get that off the ground. I have no motivation to work out even though I have equipment, and a nice fair priced gym near my house. I can't bring myself to job search because I can't stand filling out applications. I want to learn a new language, take a class, learn a skill, and better my life. I want to get out and make news and catch up with old ones, but I never do. I don't know what's wrong with me! I don't know where all my drive and motivation went. I hate myself for not being able to follow through with anything!! Im starting to become depressed because of this.
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This is how I feel too! I thought I was the only one...wow... Because I see all the people I know having great jobs, enjoying their life...and here I am feeling so lost. I do know what I want to do and I have dreams yet I just can't seem to do it. I keep daydreaming, I have a very creative imagination yet I'm not doing anything about it. I do paint but I always believe that I could do better...I was thinking that maybe I'm just not comfortable leaving my comfort zone but it feels like there is nothing I can do about it.

I finally got into school, and made the step in the right direction. It is very hard to leave your comfort zone. I know what you mean about day dreaming, I'm a big day dreamer myself. In my day dreams I am everything I want to be.

The motivation you need should be something to always better yourself. The struggles you will have trying to succeed should be something that keeps you going to the top and always reaching further. Never settling for less, always wanting more. The desire and passion is what pushes you further and never looking back always looking forward. Always be better than yesterday

I try to strive for success, but I don't know why I can never push myself to actually do anything. I've been under so much stress that it drains my energy, and lacking the motivation to do anything is making me more stressed.

Never say never, always be better than the person next to you. always strive for more. Dont let anything bring you down or put you down. Use that as motivation that nothing will ever pin you down. Dont drown yourself with doubt, always look forward to where you want to be and take that chance. No matter how hard it is to make it just do it

I've been changing what I don't like about myself. I decided to quit complaining and change my life!

always change for the better for yourself

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