No Motivation What So Ever

I have no motivation what so ever. Not in my college work or my relationship. I was in a car crash 6 months ago so i am on sick from work still as the pains in my back are bad still and the job i had i can not do due to my injuries thing was i enjoyed my job i always had fun. I started college its 2 days a week mondays and weds and i think i have been a handful of times as i just do not have the motivation to even go. I have just moved in with my partner and this should make me happy we have been together over a year and a half nearly 2 years and we should still be in our honey moon period but we are not i have no motivation to make an effort to get a shower or get dressed i know i should because i am scared to lose him and me being like this i probably will i just want to cry i have no friends where i live as its 2 hours away from where i use to live with my family and friends i just dont know what to do :(

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2 Responses Oct 17, 2009

It sounds like you have got stuck in a rut from not being able to work. Not having something to occupy your time is probably making you feel down, I've been there before and I was the same. I wouldnt socialise with my friends because I didnt have anything to say and my boyfriend would get frustrated with my moods and it ruined that too. The best advice I can give you is to start occupying yourself. Find things you enjoy doing, get out and meet new people, get excited again, and you will soon find you have more to talk about and things you want to achieve. <br />
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If you need help to set some goals, i have written a guide on my website There are lots of motivational tools and resources there too, that might help.<br />
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Take comfort in the fact that somewhere there are people who love you and will be there for you at any moment, whether by phone or E-Mail. I've been in a situation in which I've felt extremely sad for myself, but what I did was I dug deep down and found the courage to make friends. When people are lonely, what SHOULD they do? They should get to know people. You're only in school for two days a week, but that's plenty of opportunity to make friends. Besides, there are probably a whole bunch of people out there just waiting to meet you. And as far as the relationship with your partner goes, you should sit down and have a talk with this person about how you feel and what he feels about your situation. It'll be rough but much like what we're all doing here, it'll feel VERY good to get things off your chest. All the best to you...and I hope you recover from your injuries quickly.