Rising From The Past

One book, which I unintentionally grabbed from the dusty shelves, captured my attention. Holding the book, I sat on a corner and opened every page of it. While reading the content, I noticed one poem that caught my heart. It was entitled “MuntingPag-asa” which its message bothers me.

In friendship, there are misunderstandings that must be erased, there are disorders that must be necessarily cured, and there are wounds that are to be healed. Every mistake we have done was endlessly lamented, letting the moment pass to correct it. But in every ups and downs that we encounter, there are lessons that we learn which can have a great impact in our day-day struggles. There are things that we regret, wishing that we could have a voyage back in time to direct the wrong path that we have passed through. After the sunrise, there will always be a sunset. Each smile we shared for each other will vanish and the walls in between each of us will grow, and we will begin to mold our own worlds.

In every opportunity that we encounter, we should settle things up to revive the beauty of the past. Because as time passes by, the pain can be forgotten, but it will always be painful every time we remember the trials that we have faced.

We can renovate an old and broken building but we can never bring it back again to its original form. We can delete all the files in our computer to reformat it, but the significant one will be retrieved. And in life, we can leave people behind but we can never forget the role that they have played no matter how hard the consequences are. But no matter how painful life may bring, a friend will always be there- someone whom we can lean on.
Metanoia014 Metanoia014
13-15, M
Dec 7, 2012