What Happens When I Have No Bff...

Hmm.... Actually my story is not really worst but it's to me, because my BFF is just like everything to me. I have two best friend. Well we are really close to each other...we used to chatting on facebook group or something like That everyday.. But not Anymore and I dun know why. I been thinking abt this for a week already and I can't solve it ... I dun wanna end my friendship.
At school we used to talk a lot but now they just like ignoring me when I'm talking to them... They're talking to each other only. Well they go and eat lunch together while I'm in the class reading the book...we never been like this before we used to stuck together three of us never go anywhere without one of us... But now I feel so bad ... I've been crying last 7nights ...I want it to be just like the way it was :(
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Jan 18, 2013