Hell Ride

I have been olone onthe roade for manny years just me and my harley. Now i have my own place and its even lonlier. I want someone to talk to. Can anyone help me?
imlonley7 imlonley7
26-30, M
3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Hey I also have been on the road since i was 15 but the great things you have got is your harley and your own place im living with my nan and grandad :(

If I were a lot younger I would hitch a ride with you! Ive always wanted to travel on a bike and still do! Lol

Im not realy sure how this works. Can someone help me

When I first came to EP I didnt know how it worked either. Ive been here since November of last year and Im still learning my way around the site. I went to the questions section of the site and asked the community things I wanted to know and I got lots of help. I hope that helps you a little! And welcome, theres a lot of good and nice ppl here!