Every Night

Every night, i lie in bed and i look to my left and i look to my right, and the picture is always the same. There's no one there, no one i can hold, no one i can kiss, no one i can hold hands with, no one i can make love to, no one's there. What i'd give to hold someone in my arms. I always lay in bed, closing my eyes, hoping that if i reach over someone will be there. Someone who i can hold in my arms, someone who i can kiss for hours, someone who i can make love to all night, someone who'll still be there if i turn away for a second but there's never anyone there.

My arms will always be empty, my lips will always be dry, and my heart will always be cold; I have no one to hold and i never will.

(If You Do Have Someone To Hold, Never Let Them Go, Cherish Them For As Long As They're Around Because Once They're Gone, They're Gone)
misternobrain misternobrain
26-30, M
Dec 17, 2011