"for A Few Minutes You Made Me Feel As Though I Actually Meant Something To Someone."

Loneliness is a hard emotion. I deal with it all the time. Some may say it is not an emotion at all. Some may say it is an illness. Or a condition. Or simply a trick of the mind. But you cannot honestly say that being lonely is not an emotion. Because you can feel your heart break and can feel the empty sense of loss that comes with being lonely. You can feel that sense of panic, that sense of, "Do not leave me here. I am someone. I don't want to be alone," just before it goes black.

I am one of those people that deal with loneliness nearly every day. I have had many boyfriends, even in my short fourteen years, but none of which I loved. Hell, few I even liked. But being lonely can be triggered by many things. Watching two lovers kiss. Or two good friends hug. Or when you try to talk to a friend and she turns from you or ignores you or doesn't listen. Even the ending of a book can make me lonely.

I have always wanted love. This is exactly what I have always wanted: I want to fall asleep in someone's arms, feeling the warmth all around me and the heartbeat against my hand or my cheek. I want to know that all the night he is protecting me and holding me. I want him to be able to look down at my sleeping face and just brush the hair away from my forehead and smile. I want to be loved in the simplest of ways. That's all I want...but not anything I shall ever have.

But you see...this site makes me feel just a little less lonely. Because the people reading this are lonely, too. I'm not alone, am I?

Am I?

ravebloodnymph ravebloodnymph
13-15, F
Nov 2, 2009