I Don't

One of my greatest regrets is that  have no baby to hold in my arms and to nurture to adulthood. So no, I have no one to hold but it wishes made reality happen I would have dozens of babies to hold.   ((tears))

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Hi<br />
I know what it is not to hold some one.<br />
I grabed a stuff aniamal and that help lot.<br />
I wanted some one to hold .<br />
And some time it is hard.

Thanks for your comments every one.

Is adoption out of the question? I wanted children more than anything in the WORLD. In fact, you probably know my favorite nursery rhyme -- the one w/the old woman who lived in a shoe? <br />
<br />
Yeah, life didn't turn out that way much -- but I DID go through our local department of social services and adopt a little girl who is now the joy and bane of my existence. If that's at all an option for you, please consider it!

Pray for fulfillment of your motherhood.Till that , loving and serving destitute children which can reduce the burden out of your heart.They also need you badly.

please dont cry i ask you to pray to god and ask him to heal all of your broken wounds and ask him to give you a child and i truly believe if you prayed hard enough he will give you you everything you ask i know that i am young but i know in my heart that god is and all ways will be the healer of all living and non living things i will pray for you aways my friend keep your head up ok

Aww, I'm sorry. Babies are not the be all and end all, though. In some ways, I was alot happier childless. I guess the grass is always greener...:(